New library to open in Camberwell autumn 2012?

This afternoon Southwark’s Cabinet will, barring any last minute problems, formally approve the plans for the new library in Camberwell at a site near the Magistrates’ Court on Camberwell Green.

The new library is dealt with as item 13 on the meeting agenda. The background information (item 13: page 181) relating to this makes a good case for the new library showing how it will save money and create new community facilities to the benefit of Camberwell.

Council leader Peter John in the forward to the agenda item writes “This council is committed to the regeneration and renewal of Camberwell. One of the most visible signs of that regeneration will be the creation of a vibrant ‘town centre’ at Camberwell Green. We are working to bring forward plans which will deal with some of the transport and retail opportunities necessary to achieve that ‘town centre’ ambition, but believe that one of the roles which the council can play is the provision of a library which meets the aspirations of local residents in the 21st century.” Let us hope that by its actions the Council ensures that these sentiments are more than words.

14 thoughts on “New library to open in Camberwell autumn 2012?”

  1. “A full consultation has taken place on this proposal and there appears to be strong support amongst both local residents and current library users.”

    The consultation was a bit of a joke. It asked lots of questions about how often and how people use libraries but not a single question asked people how moving the library to in front of the magistrates court affected people, whether they approved, what they thought it meant for Camberwell Green and so on.

    When Peter John says strong support, he is not saying what that strong support is for. A very carefully worded statement that avoids many issues.

  2. talk about underwear!
    first major avoidance: the whole of 437 people who live in camberwell responded to the questionnaire. this is pittifully small percentage (what ARE the latest figures on population?)
    not sure whether a public space on its own can be price-tagged/measured but trees most certainly can & should, using forestry commission’s CAVAT and not council’s estimates of the values of amenities.
    and that’s just for starters.

    really really really :S

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  4. @Monkeycat

    I agree, that consultation was extremely poor. It wasn’t so much a consultation, more a questionaire regarding local library use. It didn’t allow for any objective comment or opinion. It was clear that the decision had already been made.


    I think the official population of Camberwell is around the 40,000 mark these days.

  5. What is nice is to watch Glastonbury on the telly. People like to move away from Camberwell looking for a better life elsewhere, but there’s everything here, really.

  6. Mark, is the Express article right? Are you leaving S+D? Didn’t realise things had got that bad. Sorry to read about it. If you get turfed out I’ll boycott the new one.

    Come run the Cadeleigh Arms near me. I could do the food.

  7. Farewell folks, farewell.

    After five long years it’s time for your friendly friend Phil G to go.

    Yes, that’s right. I’ve been posting here for almost five years.

    Five years my god. I started off with rants about the sirens and recommendations for the then Viet Hoa (or was it Hoa Viet) and I end with errrrr, this.


    Utmost — my work has blocked this site. A new ‘social media’ filter. And I don’t log on much outside work.

    2nd — there are a few people here who have rarely contributed anything about SE5 beyond a gruff snort, or a counterstroke. So, what’s the point feeding the chat? Sometimes I learn new things about SE5, but it’s not often enough.

    3rd — the special interests. Mark I know you and I’ve met you a few times, but this isn’t the place for endless pubco info, no matter how right it is. The bingo thing was a lot more relevant but I got bored, sorry.

    4th — format of the site. Yes I’m a web whore and I’m also on many other forums. While I like the stream of consciousness here, I do think that segmentation by topic might help. But alas then it’d be like any other forum…

    Thanks Peter. Five years is a long time and you know that I’ve been here, and often. I’ve long loved this site. Time to move on is all. I’ll still have a looksee now and then.

    Take care everyone.


    (ps I reserve the right to return sometime)

  8. Ya, They took some donation for the Oxfam and then they took another donation for the homeless and next sunday with our trendy Jeans we will pay one pound per head to be given to the youths in the camberwell region. Leaving the house of praise now, can any one rate sun and dove food wise? menu?
    planning to storm the place with 17 of my guys.

  9. It’s great to hear about all this money being raised for good causes. I just hope that, with all this cash being handed over, ordinary members of the congregation get to see the audited accounts of the House of Praise so that they can check to see that it all reaches the good causes to which they are donating.

    And if those records are available, it would be a good idea to make them accessible to the wider public. This would be a great piece of PR by the House of Praise, who I’m afraid haven’t done a very good job at reassuring local people about their good intentions over the last 18 months.

  10. I’m totally in favour of a new Library by the Court House. It will help distribute the town center away from the main roads and make the Green more of a central feature. It’ll work really well.

    The current library is too small.

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