A Christmas Wish

I wish a very Merry Christmas* and a Happy New Year to all SE5 residents, both past, present, and future.

Camberwell Green Lights 01

* Whether you celebrate it or not, the sentiment on my part remains the same.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

63 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish”

  1. I went into McDonald’s at Camberwell Green and asked if they could do me a fresh Big Tasty burger.

    There were two on the hot shelf already but they didn’t mind preparing a new one to order.

    Three minutes later and it was ready.

    I will never eat from the shelf again.

  2. Has anyone been to Safa recently? Is it okay?

    A friend is trying to book a group of us in there and use his money-off voucher.

  3. @Gabe: I used to like Safa, but the staff can be very off-hand and it has all the atmosphere of a minicab office these days. The restaurant seems to be a bit of an afterthought to the takeaway business. Have you tried JJs on Southampton Way?

    I think it was Dagmar who recommended Two Sisters Tandoori in Nunhead on here a while ago and I’ve been getting deliveries from there ever since — so thanks for that. I think it’s takeaway only, but the food’s lovely.

  4. @Gabe: Safa quality varies. It used to be good then went on a steady decline; about a year and a half ago it picked up again, now it’s not so good once more. Haven’t eaten in there for a while. For takeaway we tend to use Indiaah as they have a really nice citrus sauce that I like.

    @Alan Dale: I’ve cycled past Lenos y Carbon, never been in there. Don’t drink Frulli, never been greeted like a returning here in the Cadeleigh.

    Beer tip: Brodie’s Black IPA at Storm Bird.

  5. @Gabe Safa’s never done it for me.
    My favourite is Ambrosia. The food is not in your face balti, but more like what you would get in India. The decor does let it down a little, and the fact it always seems empty, but don’t let that put you off. Everyone I know who has been there loves it. And it’s BYOB if that’s your thing.

    Cinnamon is not bad either. More traditional British curry house, but some interesting stuff nonetheless.

  6. Thanks for the Safa comments. Seems I had a similar experience to most of you when I last went a good few years ago. We’ll probably go there anyway as someone has a 20%-off voucher and it is closest to the pubs. Yes, it’s that classy kind of evening.

    Never tried New Dewaniam, or Ambrosia, or Indiaah, which is strange because I like curry. We have used JJ’s for take-away a few times. It got progressively greasier and I haven’t had the stomach for it lately (JJ’s is very friendly if you drop in). I’m vegetarian so most eating-places around here don’t really appeal. Ganapati is the best, by far. It is expensive but the food is good every time.

    The curry place in the Dome Hotel was good too, if I recall. Must go back there.

  7. So it turns out the the New Dome Hotel curry house is actually Ambrosia, as recommended by Monkeycat. Thanks!

    We went on Friday night. The waiter, from Nepal, was friendly. He’s been here two years and keeps telling people not to over-order as it ends up going to waste. So that’s good.

    He was perplexed by six vegetarians showing up all at once. That hasn’t happened before. Not ever, apparently.

    It showed a bit in the food. It was nice enough. No complaints. But I’ve come to conclusion that South Indian is best for vegetarians.

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