Food and drink festival, and more

Stay in Camberwell tomorrow, because there are a few things happening: first, it’s Record Store Day, so Rat Records (Camberwell New Road) have DJs playing in store all day.

Second, it’s the opening day of the Camberwell Food and Drink Festival, and there’ll be a food fair with cooking demonstrations on the Green along with the regular farmer’s market. The Festival continues all week with all kinds of events and offers, so make the most of it. I, unfortunately, will miss the food fair as I’m already occupied. Gutted.

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  1. @ Monkeycat-How did the potted shrimps and asparagus go? Fabulous weather on the Green on Saturday brought out the crowds and my hungry brood. Large amounts of fishcakes, cumin buffallo mozzarella cheese and carrot chutney were consumed. Seemed like a great success to me.

  2. Heady days down at Champion Hill as Dulwich Hamlet go into the last game of the season needing just a point to win the league and get promoted, after 12 gruelling years in the same division.

    A soaring 3–1 home win last night against Crawley Down Gatwick which wasn’t exactly plane sailing (sorry)… after a fairly jittery first half with several one on ones and open goals inexplicably missed, plus an astonishing save by the Dulwich keeper to tip a goal-bound free header from the Crawley striker round the post.

    But Hamlet took off with a 25 yard screamer from the little Turkish magician Erhun Oztumer that settled the nerves shortly after half time, before Huddersfield Town-bound striker Daniel Carr got two in quick succession and even celebrated with an impressively athletic double back flip!

    Come on down on Saturday for what could well be the perfect end to a glorious campaign. 3pm against Burgess Hill Town at Champion Hill, right next to the Sainsburys on Dog Kennel Hill. It’s a great afternoon out and will be memorable if the Hamlet can clinch promotion.

  3. This is a must.

    By contrast, Millwall hit the self-destruct button last night, then jumped up and down on it.

  4. It is the chance, at last, that many of us have been waiting for all our lives, to be able to shout out loud, “Come on, Hamlet!”

  5. It has been one hell of a season at The Hamlet. Crowds have doubled over the last few years and the emergence of the “Dultras”, the Turkish Ultras and Rabble make for a bizarre if wonderful atmosphere.

    For those of you who haven’t seen the team this year, they have a clutch of brilliant young players who I fear will be scouted out to professional clubs in the summer. Danny Carr is already Huddersfield bound. Erhun Oztumer is the best player you’ve ever seen at this level; Dulwich’s Messi. But it’s the oldie Peter Adenyiyi at the back who’s the heart of the team.

    £9 entry 3pm on Saturday. Death or Glory for the Pink and Blues.

  6. @Eilean: It was fun. A bit chaotic. Helps if you remember to bring things like puff pastry, if you are going to do a tart!

    There’s a bit more info about it here along with the recipes:‑5

    There were a lot of people there, listening to music. Not sure how many people were eating food from there and some the stalls had nothing to do with food (a lawyers?) and quite a few were not from Camberwell…

    Having said that, I do like a bit of sun music and cider!

  7. TODAY IS THE DAY that Dulwich Hamlet may ascend. It will be an occasion. Whole families from Lyndhurst primary school will be there. New geological generations of fans will be laid down, nudging the house prices upwards like the creation of the Alps.

  8. Top marks to Monkeycat for a lovely supper club night last night at House. 8 courses of loveliness, and he me kept very happy with a few extra portions. Will be trying horse next time i see it on a menu now that I’ve tried it.

  9. Yeah, took the whole Division to the Sketchley Cleaners. Right Wimpy it was. Double Diamond!

    Anyhow Florian etc., though rather nail-biting, I thought, what a great day. The hailstone storm at half time!


    Hail! the heirs
    of Edgar Kail!
    Now they’re up,
    they cannot fail.

    Now Hamlet can
    all their pains bury -
    soon Fergie himself
    will shop at Sainsbury

    on a Saturday -
    Palace, Charlton,
    Millwall will all be

  10. We went to the game. Bloke in the pub said it had been 32 years since they last won the division. That makes us the ultimate glory hunters.

    I enjoyed the singing. Especially (vaguely to the tune of We are Sailing):

    “We are Dulwich, We are Dulwich
    And no one knows us.”

    Speaking of pubs, I’ve found, I think, the cheapest pint in Camberwell. £2.15 for a pint of Skinners Ale in the big pub on Denmark Hill — The Fox? It’s 3.2%.

  11. Proper Hamlet fans, Florian, who go to away games seem to me to be true Situationists.

    When Hamlet got their equaliser, someone threw a full pint can of Stella at the Burgess Hill goalkeeper.

    For various reasons (Bangladesh rubble, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ireland, Vietnam, World War II — the list is endless) I think this is childish, relying on the goodwill of the benign environment we live in.

    A true Situationist would drink it to enhance the narrative, not use a pint of Stella as a weapon, even though old “wife-beater” has been reduced from 5.2% abv to 5% by United Asbestos or whoever brews it “in the EU”.

    Don’t get me started — I don’t really know when or where to finish. But that’s Situationism for you!

  12. Oh.

    And completely forgot what I came here for.

    Does anyone want to help out in the Secret Garden. We are looking for volunteers who can help open up the garden once a month at weekends. If we get enough people it would mean we can do it.

    At the moment we can only commit to Friday’s from 3–5pm (or 3.30pm if you are the punctual type), and we’d love to open more.

    It is a lovely space and now is the time to potter in the garden to your heart’s content.

    You don’t need any experience in gardening, just the ability to be nice to people!

  13. Anyone been for a buckwheat pancake yet?

    At the new place that was Pauls Olive Shop

  14. @Gabe, yes. It’s very good. Nice coffee, and lovely, lovely staff.

    Menu is a bit limited at the moment but will hopefully expand some time soon!

  15. This is what happens when you get a train line to Highbury and Islington. People get out and see how Islington lives, and people get in, bringing their fancy northern ways with them

  16. It will take more than the arrival of a few crepes to change Camberwell.

    HOWEVER, MALOKO IS RAVED ABOUT by many many people in Camberwell, it has a sort of a 700% rating from everyone — for the CHAPS WHO RUN IT and for the EXCELLENT VEGAN food, something you don’t find every day.

    It cannot be long before the Dagmar family done their Toast and shamble down there tripping over each other, literally, to see what the universal praise & delight is all about.


  17. yeah Maloko is good. I went in a couple of weeks ago now to sample their savoury buckwheat wrap and it was lovely.Cheese quinoa, chilli salad. Didn’t realise it was veggie only place, I suppose its good to be healthy occasionally.

    @Eilean I brought my fancy North London ways to Camberwell 12 years ago now! 🙂 Camberwell has improved in that time but I’ll be six feet under before it turns into Upper Street Islington.

  18. Isn’t it funny? Those seeking authenticity can buy it in every shop on Upper Street. But here in Camberwell, everywhere, it’s free!

  19. It was a lot more heavy duty than an antiques shop but I enjoyed the selection in Architectural Rescue on Southampton Way. Unfortunately they had a major fire not so long ago I don’t know if they plan to re-open, but a lot of good tat went up in smoke that night.

    As far as Islingtonafication goes, sporadic ceilidhs are about as much as I can take of Islington, and it’s always a relief to make my way back to copper-bottomed Camberwell 🙂

  20. Does anyone know what’s happening at the row of boarded-up shops next to Johanson’s? Scaffolding and a portaloo have appeared.

    They’ve been derelict for at least 15 years. I hope they’re going to be refurbished, not demolished.

  21. AFAIK, Ian, they are to be demolished, with a new shop/restaurant unit plus flats to be put up instead.

  22. Has everyone now been to Maloko? It is true Camberwell, that is, the much loved and shopped-in Paul’s has been replaced by something equally but differently excellent.

    Today is Ascension Day and indeed, the main news is of Sir Alex Ferguson.

    However, Camberwell is also on the up, in one giant step, with Maloko.

  23. I have not been to Maloko yet but plan to go very soon.

    Tonight we did trip along Havil Street to the Cool Cat’s Cafe in Southampton Way and had a delicious supper including apple crumble straight out of the oven and a cocktail made with Chai tea (and something much stronger). We tangoed back up Havil Street.

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