Cycle cafe to open in Camberwell?

Exciting news — we may  will be getting a Cycle cafe here in Camberwell.

According to local blog Sansom Street cycle shop, cafe, bar Cycle PS which already operates on Newington Butts near to Elephant and Castle is considering opening a second shop in the old Tadim’s building on Camberwell Church Street.

Edited to add: We have had confirmation from Cycle PS that they are opening shortly — a comment was left here
“Hello! I’m commenting on behalf of Cycle PS, we are very excited about setting up our second branch of Cycle PS in Camberwell, and can’t wait to fix all of the camberwellians bikes. If you guys have any requests/suggestions I would love to hear them. Kind regards Harvey”

And in other exciting restaurant related news I see a new Italian  restaurant Gusto has opened up on Denmark Hill next to Pizza Hut and  opposite Nandos — walking past the other day I thought it looked good and might be worth investigating further. Has anyone been?


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  1. Last week contractors acting for Southwark Council moved in to destroy Camberwell Orchard (including 28 mature trees) opposite the magistrates’ court.

    A procession to mark the death of Camberwell Orchard will start 17:30 on Wednesday 16 October, corner of Camberwell Road/Albany Road. Protesters will walk together (carrying a coffin, giving flyers out, telling people on the way what we’re doing etc) to Walworth Academy, Shorncliffe Road SE1 (corner of Albany Road and Old Kent Road), where a Southwark Council Assembly meeting will be taking place from 7pm. The meeting will include a discussion on Green Southwark.

    Please join the protest — don’t miss your chance to tell Southwark Council what you think of its destruction of green spaces!

  2. Sadly in most cases there is no gain without some pain — we will have a shiny new library in the orchard’s place which will go someway to making up for the loss of the orchard. Arguably the library will benefit more of the Camberwell population and really help to define Camberwell and the Green area as a destination used by everyone rather than just a passing through place used by few

  3. I think Jenny Jones put it best.

    The option presented to us was either a library, or an orchard.

    The option of having both was never allowed.

    So now we have a very mediocre library building, and no trees.

  4. Why couldn’t we have had both a library and an orchard? There were a number of other sites that should have been considered, including a new housing development where building a library could have been made a condition when granting planning permission.
    Whether or not people think the orchard should have been destroyed to make way for the library, they should still be concerned about the council’s refusal to explain why other sites were unsuitable and its failure to consult local residents about the location of the new building. There’s been a serious lack of accountability here by councillors who are supposed to be serving the community — not telling us what they think is best for us and ignoring dissenting voices.

  5. Talking of voices, the strutting senors of England will not prevail aginst the brave Polish at Wembley tonight. The quiffed ones have got too used to their Lamborghinis, Lambrini and cocktail cigarettes.

    The stocky Polish fans will build a Wall of Sound that will flatten the coiffeurs of the rosbifs!

  6. People who’ve been around here a long time will know how I feel about Camberwell and the decisions the local authority make about us. I’m no longer commenting on that.

    I’ve been so busy being a self serving failed ex publican I just haven’t had time to tell you all: I got this message from YouTube today:

    Regarding your account: J Mark Dodds

    We have received a legal complaint regarding your video. After review, the following video: Ted Tuppen’s reaction to FOT option in Statutory Code has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):

    YouTube blocks content where necessary to comply with local laws. Please review our help center article on legal complaints //


    The YouTube Team

    Last chance to see banned Ted Tuppen Statutory Intervention in pub sector vid: … #BannedByPubco #HilariousNutJobTed


  7. Dagmar — the tacit agreement is between large pub companies, family brewers and their trade body, the British Beer and Pub Association and it is to bamboozle, confuse and Delude government into believing that if Statutory Regulation is brought in to govern the pub sector then there really WILL be a calamitous collapse of pubs in the UK.

    It simply is the #GreatBritishPubcoScam

    Now it’s been blocked by Enterprise Inns here’s that parody video again for public information of course:

    And Eilean what we have done wrong in Camberwell is not mobilise successfully as a community — too busy with all our own pressurised lives to be bothered or able to put time into improving our lives by getting involved in local democracy and governance — hence the consumer society takes us over, private equity capitalism wins and community loses out every time.

  8. And here’s a nice explanation of why we all behave like nihilists instead of getting round to helping ourselves and each other preventing things like pubs turn into Tesco’s and rather good Chinese supermarkets closing down and Costa coffee taking over our lives:

  9. @markdodds
    Welcome back! We have missed your focus on pubs and the laggardly nature of Camberwell’s residents.

    Also, the tattoo you posted looked a bit red and sore so I didn’t want to click on the link in case the 3 min 33 sec film involved more tattoos with dubious graphics

  10. @Eilean:
    9 October 2013 at 5:52 pm

    That’s the first time I’ve seen the plans for the new Kings Windsor Walk Medical Centre. Wow! A pity they had to keep the old facades, though. Why can’t we ever look to the future around here and sometimes do away with the old? The recently renovated properties along Windsor Walk are looking great, at last, although I would have preferred a completely new development.

  11. hi any one have old pictures of york st as i am a yorky..four generations before moving to australia…

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