Camberwell Arts Festival needs you!

NB This was posted by ‘MrsPBTT’ as a comment on a previous post, but I thought it deserved a post of its own. Some light edits have been made. — Peter

From Saturday 14th until Sunday 22nd June, the Camberwell Arts Festival draws together some of the best talent in the area, celebrating the visual arts, music, cinema, performance and design. This is our 20th year, so our inspiration is the number twenty, and what that might mean to Camberwell.

We’re now getting to close to finalising our own programme but, as ever, aim to make this festival a celebration of everything going on in the area. As part of the festival we’ll be producing a programme both online and in print. We’d love to involve as many activities as we can and need your help!

We break this down into four key areas:

Open Call: Fringe Events

If you’re an artist, maker, performer, clown, comedian, gardener, designer (etc) and would like to submit an idea we’d love to hear from you and get you listed. Sadly we’re unable to provide a budget but if you have your own location and permission for a piece of work, please let us know and we’ll help bring the crowd with some promotional support.

Lucky Dip

An open entry exhibition that takes place out in the open! 20 short listed artists will be allocated a street, park or public building in Camberwell through a lucky dip process. They will receive a budget of £100 to create an artwork specifically for that location in order to compete for the 4th Camberwell Open Prize.

Artists’ Studios

If you run or own a studio in the area and would like to open your doors to the public during the festival, please get in contact

Festival Events

If you’re already running a festival, exhibition or workshop in the area during the festival and would like it listed in the festival programme we’d love to hear from you.

The deadline for submitting your events or work is Sunday 20th April. After this date we’ll be producing the programme and going to print. To submit your events or work, please email us at camberwellcallout2014@​gmail.​com, detailing which category you fall into by putting it in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your web addresses, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Also, if you have any photos, old memories or mementos of festival gone past please do send them through to us so we can start to build a library.

In the meantime, please do spread the word and you can follow us on Twitter as @CamberwellArts and Facebook as camberwellartsfestival.

See you in June!

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

39 thoughts on “Camberwell Arts Festival needs you!”

  1. Please commission a tribute to the Camberwell Crocodile, the old crocodile mural that used to be emblazoned across the front of Jono’s. It was a local icon, now buried under a hail of red and silver tags. Is no one else mourning its demise?

  2. The first tulips of spring have appeared. And many other blossoms are out.

    I’m looking forward to the Arts Festival. I liked that installation on the corner of Vestry Road & Peckham Road a couple of years ago. It was a speaker hidden in the bushes, IIRC.

  3. That was the work of the remarkable and endlessly entertaining Hannah Jones, who also runs the Peckham Chamber Orchestra. Her website is packed with all her work so far, including the Orchestra, itself an artpiece for existing at all. Their second concert is at the Peckham Liberal Club in a few days’ time.

  4. Thank you Peter for the plug!

    Camberwellians: please do pass on the message to anyone whom may be interested in participating. We’d love to make the festival as diverse, surprising and entertaining as possible.
    If anyone would like to contribute their time to volunteering during the week, we’d love to hear from you.
    Mrs PBTT x

    PS. @Janekin — I do not know the legend of the Camberwell Crocodile but will make sure we do some research and see how Camberwell Arts could get involved in its restoration.

  5. Wow. She is prolific. Good link.

    The Chamber Orchestra looks good. I’ll try and get down there. Might try and sneak one of my kids in. He’s a bit musical but hasn’t been to many (any?) live orchestral performances.

    I keep meaning to drop in the Iraqi thing at the South London Gallery. Supposedly, it’s quite good. Anyone been?

    Edit: About the crocodile, I read on here that the pool hall is being redeveloped into flats, so maybe its time is done.

  6. Her cv is on the link above, her website “foxymoron” — she went to Ruskin, Oxford and is a gymnast of wordplay, amongst many other marvellous things. She begins her PhD studies at Goldsmiths in September.

  7. BLT, this is Sly & Reggie’s last outburst, broadcast, latter-day-rain outpouring of dub-gonzo-punk radio before Sly goes to Jamaica on a quest to find, yes… Dunbar.

  8. I saw a handsome lesbian yesterday morning walking from Denmark Hill station towards the Institute, etc., smoking a pipe. Good effort, I thought.

    The PECKHAM CHAMBER ORCHESTRA is holding its second concert next Tuesday 8 April 2014 at 8.30pm at the Peckham Liberal Club, 24 Elm Grove SE15 5DE. They will be playing:

    MOZART Symphony No.29

    PART Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten

    VIVALDI Spring

    Admission is free, all are welcome. That is the remarkable Hannah Jones for you.

  9. TONIGHT at 8.30pm at the Peckham Liberal Club, 24 Elm Grove SE15 5DE the PECKHAM CHAMBER ORCHESTRA under the nu-renaissance force-of-nature Hannah Jones will perform its second concert, a spring celebration.

    Children are welcome as long as they can keep their traps shut during the performance.

    Live classical music in Peckham is not to be missed. Get there early for a decent seat. The bar is extremely decently priced.

    Please remember that Arvo PART, composer of the second piece, is pronounced “pert”.

  10. Will there be a pronunciation test as well as the concert (which sounds marvellous by the way)? If so, I am hoping for names such as Featherstonhaugh, Beauchamp, Dalziel and Marjoribanks

  11. I couldn’t get in. It was full beyond belief. Did any go and get in? The concert was filmed and will be shown at the cinema.

    It’s the Albert Hall next for our Hannah and the PCO.

  12. Yeah, I went. What an event to pull-off.

    The flier said *ALL WELCOME* so I took my kids. We squatted a place on the floor up the front. The room was packed.

    We really enjoyed it. Thanks for the tip-off Dagmar.

  13. More high-end culture on the cheap. I saw this on Twitter:

    Skint London ?@SkintLondon
    Ooh, catch a FEMALE version of Othello tonight @busseybuilding Peckham w/ @ByJoveTheatre Pay What You Can

    For what it’s worth, we saw a different production of Othello at the Bussey Building last year. It was really good.

  14. Today marks 2 months until the start of the 20th Anniversary Camberwell Arts Festival!

    If you want to take part, you don’t have long to let us know about it.

    …We are planning an Arts & Crafts Market on the 14th June if you are interested in taking a stall…

    …We have a number of Camberwell artists studios opening on the final weekend…

    …We have some great Fringe events lined up…

    If you want to be included, The deadline for submitting your events or work is Sunday 20th April.

    To submit your events or work, please email us detailing which category you fall into by putting it in the subject line camberwellcallout2014@​gmail.​com

    Don’t forget to include your web addresses, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

    In the meantime, make sure you follow us @CamberwellArts and see you in June!

  15. Hi All,

    Came across this from a Camberwell Letting Agent in a google for Camberwell. Was amused by the “Shoreditch of the South” Comment! Was thinking that it is definately true that the Camberwell Art scene is driving a “Shorditchisation” of Camberwell. What do people think — are we destined to become overcome by Hipsters due to our Arts scene?

  16. Dulwich Hamlet are safe enough towards the top of their division, a stunning performance in their first season there — a few more cheers for our local team could see them in the play-offs.

    Millwall may fall into the division below them but are playing an astonishing great escape — on Monday they face their neck-and-neck, on-the-scaffold rivals Doncaster.

    Should you have an appetite for drama of Shakespearean richness and depth, then Monday’s game is for you, at 3pm.

    The ground is a moderate and meditative walk from here, the welcome is warm and the atmosphere is atmospheric, to say the least.

    To be promoted or demoted?

    Come on Hamlet.

  17. Hi, can you possibly post this event and spread the word for us? We are an artist collective based in Camberwell College of Arts.

    QUIET! Magazine launch event in Camberwell following artist’s talks.

    London, 13th of May 2014.
    Student Voice is a collective of students from the University of the Arts, London (UAL), who are putting on an event to promote the launch of QUIET!, a Magazine focussing on art & activism and the education system.

    Held at the Peckham Pelican on Tuesday May 13th 2014 from 6pm—10:30pm, the event will host video projections, talks, and acoustic live music with two awesome Folk music bands. The artworks and comics published in the Magazine will be transformed into an art exhibition where it will be possible to admire the contributions from the different artists involved, such as the painter Guy Denning and students from across UAL.

    There will be appearances from special guest speakers, such as acclaimed artist and lecturer David Cross and the designer Tzortzis Rallis from Occupied Times, which will hopefully inspire students to a higher level of social and political art production.

    Olga Hendel, QUIET! Editor said, “As art students, we think education to be fundamental to social democracy and human freedom. Therefore, since we believe we are now at a critical moment for our university system to be changed, we created this magazine as a platform for sharing information, ideas and artwork and to encourage the collective creation of art.”

    The Premiere issue of QUIET! will be on sale at the event.

    Guests speakers

    David Cross artist and practitioner

    Tzortzis Rallis from the magazine Occupied Times

    The Common collective

    Katie Baggs from Fashion revolution

    phone no: Michael 07716747225 – Olga 07427441472
    e‑mail: studentvoiceual@​gmail.​com
    fb event title: QUIET! Magazine launch event

  18. Dagmar

    Champions promoted…next 4 have a play-off

    2nd play 5th
    3rd play 4th

    2nd/3rd have home advantage

    winners play final at ground of highest placed team

    Hamlet are 5th, Kingstonian are 3rd

    It’s a must win…then they might meet again!

  19. Here’s mud in your eyes Dulwich Hamlet! A lot of red in the eyes at the new Costa Coffee in Camberwell too- that fascia is mighty bright

  20. And so the day dawned.

    Dulwich Hamlet were determined to do what few had done, slip up the divisions like a banana at half time.

    The weather was variable. But one thing was definite.

    The Hamlet bar was well priced and Sainsbury’s was next door. All over Camberwell, Hamlet fans of all ages and persuasions were donning their Barcelona gear and heading for Dog Kennel Hill at 3pm.

  21. Sad news. Hamlet missed the play-off by ONE point as they drew 1–1 this afternoon with Kingstonian in a pulsating game. There is many a prancing showpony in the League who would be totally shown up and shamed by the performance of the DHFC players today in a game that was far better than some of the recent cagey nil-nils at the Den. Nearly 1400 people were there on a great day for real life.

    Our blogging cousins Transpontine were once more in effervescent evidence.

    Look how close it was today, as Hornchurch and Lowestoft both won to baulk Hamlet’s amazing progress this season.

  22. What can anyone tell me about the dilapitaded flats on Benhill Road? They are in a really bad state of disrepair — why is Southwark council not doing anything about these as part of their ‘warm, safe and dry’ repairs? Are they earmarked for destruction or something? In the meantime, people have to live there.

  23. The way things are going, the people who live there are probably glad to live there. The whole area is being redeveloped by the council and those folks will not be there long by the look of it.

    Did anyone see Rosamund Irwin’s piece in the Standard about Camberwell’s Costa? She is a much-praised columnist from aroundish here. Was the Chinese supermarket here for a long time? Does she mean that wonderful Wing place on Denmark Hill where you could buy wings, gizzards, you name it?


    My post encouraging burghers aand villeins to lurch Millwallwards yesterday for the last, decisive match — do they stay in the Championship or do they go? — did not appear here. I think it was Lacan who said , “None-one likes us, but we do not care.” Or maybe I forgot to press the “Submit Comment” button — it was early in the morning, as the game began at 12.15.

    Millwall won 1–0 against Bournemouth and stay up. There was a pitch invasion following announcements pleading for no pitch invasion. The pitch gradually cleared, though. One fanatic was carried off strait-jacket style because he could not effect an exit himself. Most fans had begun to chant “Off! off!” which is their alternative to “ainbaw!” because they wanted to salute the players who would only come back on if the pitch was. One player, a very tall chap, came back on topless carrying a tiny, tiny baby.

  24. Dagmar: I rather doubt the tenants are glad to be living in housing in that state, even if they might just about prefer that to being evicted entirely. Do you have any information you can link me to concerning the redevelopment you speak of?

  25. Sloth, there’s all that building site stuff round there, new blocks of flats being built, is what I see and mean, after many months of nothing post-demolition. Mind you, I liked the old bomb-site areas — great to ride around on a BMX — the buddleia, the fly-tipped junk. I found a guitar there made in East Germany, chucked out. It needed a bit of work, but fortunately my carpenter pal had one exactly the same — what are the chances of that? — and fixed it for me.

    Generally, though, housing is so short, even that tatty block looks good to me. It’s a nice size, on a good street, very central London.

    That’s what I mean, housing is THAT short in the UK.

  26. Afternoon all!
    Apologies for the shameless plug…

    How do you celebrate a 20th anniversary?
    With China of course!

    Camberwell Arts is delighted to announce a VERY special partnership with Camberwell Design icons Mini Moderns who have created an exclusive range of mugs to commemorate our 20 years.

    All proceeds from their sale contribute to the running of the festival.

    There is a very small production run and these are set to be collectors items, so pre-order now to avoid disappointment.
    Each of the 4 designs are sold separately or as a set.

    (now the boring bit)
    All purchases are to be collected from the CAMBERWELL ARTS stand at the Arts market on the 14th June (Camberwell Green) or from one of our Camberwell stockists — details to follow.

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