Camberwell is for mugs

As you may know, Camberwell Arts festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, a set of four beautiful mugs have been released. Designed by local interior designers Mini Moderns, the mugs show the Green, the Grove, a Camberwell Beauty, and the world-famous Camberwell Carrot.

Four Mugs with Camberwell-related designs

The mugs are for sale on Etsy; you can buy each individually for £12, or the whole set for £40. Be aware there’s no postal delivery — you’ll have to pick up from a stall at the arts market on 14th June. I’ve already ordered my set, and they’re selling fast so I recommend you get a wiggle on if you want to own them.

Update: The first batch sold out, but it seems a second batch should be available soon.

The full programme for this year’s event should be available soon; if someone involved with Camberwell Arts would like to write a short blog post, I’d be happy to publish it.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

28 thoughts on “Camberwell is for mugs”

  1. Thank you for the plug Peter!

    We never anticipated such demand for these Camberwell Beauties!

    The first order of mugs arrived yesterday so we will be boxxing them up ready for collection at the festival.

    A second batch will go on sale via Etsy shortly and you will also be able to purchase at the Made In Camberwell Arts Market on the 14th June.

    We would be delighted to write up a blog. We are just firming up final details as we speak…Not long to go now.


  2. Just to day that I heard back from Etsy on Monday that the mugs are sadly already all


  3. Well let us know if they decide on a second run! ..and also if they can figure out a system to get them to the ex-Camberwellites in the US!

  4. I have consulted my tea leaves and concluded that readings would be much better in a Camberwell Arts Festival mug. Hie thee forward to Etsy.

  5. Talking of tea leaves, tomorrow night the candidates for local councillors will be at the Ortus centre on Grove Lane from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm answering questions from any locals who are able to overcome their apathy.

  6. Ther Labour lot were outside Lyndhurst Primary School gates in their suits the other day, hoping to squeeze value out of the kiddies or whatever they might say — whatever they say, they start it with “Look…” because they have been to assertive talky-talk school, call the interviewer “John” even if it’s a woman, talk about “pollicy” pronouncing it like they’re gargling with diluted TCP. Well educated, well meaning, they are donkeys bleating to lions.

  7. Me and Mrs Monkeycat are thinking of trying to go and to overcome our apathy to head up there tonight…possibly…we have to walk past Stormbird, The Hermit’s Cave and The Crooked Well on the way. So even apathy may lose out to a pint of Kernel, followed by Shrimpers, and a bring your own wine night and yummy food at The Well. We will be asking more about Labour’s plans to provide free swimming and gym access.

    Talking of leisure centres…did anyone go to the consultation about Camberwell Green at the leisure centre on Saturday? I found out too late as it only seemed to be advertised on the SE5 Forum Facebook page.

    Which vaguely links, park wise to…

    On the plus side, Burgess Park was heaving yesterday. It was like an impromptu Carnival del Pueblo, with added African flavours and Mr Whippy ice cream flying the flag for the best of British Culture. We had a lovely day, drinking Pimms. UKIP supporters would have hated it.

    Which brings me neatly back to…I wonder if UKIP candidates will be at the hustings tonight? Will they dare?

  8. Don’t know how anyone can consider voting Labour after everything that’s happened with the Heygate

  9. @monkeycat Mr Eilean went to the Camberwell Green consultation on Sunday- not at the Leisure Centre but they all were on the Green at about 2 pm. He found out about it on Saturday at the Market

  10. Did anyone see the politico wonks, nerds, geeks and dweebs tonight at Ortus?

    The more I think of it, the more I should have chucked out the pharisees from the temple when the Labour dweebs were canvassing outside Lyndhurst Primary School the other day. I have been voting Labour ever since I left Denmark when the Germans invaded Schleswig fucking Holstein, but I have never seen suited Labour policy wonks and pompous dweebs cruising kiddies outside a primary school before.

    Can you hear me David Knob Cameron, Edward Bear Miliband, Claggy Ooh-er Clegg — you are the same nerd with different little haircuts.

  11. @Dagmar- yes I sent Mr Eilean along to meet the candidates, being preoccupied with reading my tea leaves. His summary report is 1) very nice lady from the All People Party called Jennifer Blake (standing in Brunswick)2) very nice lady from Labour, also standing in Brunswick as third leg to the Ian Wingfield/Mark Williams stool. Lady Number 2 appeared to be overexcited to be standing, so plainly has no idea about the delights of local government politics which await her.

    No Ian Wingfield, but maybe he was there earlier. Mark Williams was the fella you saw standing sheepishly outside Lyndhurst last week.

    @Monkeycat. Mr Eilean’s report is that the railings remain on the two main road sides, and also opposite the Father Red Cap (can’t get used to Nollywood). Childrens’ playground to be resited to opposite aforesaid FRC- I guess so that it is nearer to the new library

    Back to reading my tea leaves. They tell me that on Thursday the party who will win is…

  12. Record low turnout, probably — people will vote with their feet. Labour is strong and effective locally. Nationally, they will get nowhere next year if they insist on foisting their non-entities on us. Alan Johnson, where are you? Ed Balls has them, too.

  13. Brunswick results in:
    Jennifer Blake All People’s Party 360
    Rahda Elizabeth Burgess Labour Party 2102 yes
    Elizabeth Dawson Liberal Democrats 287
    Alexis Fidgett Green Party [The] 643
    Conor Masters-Kelly Green Party [The] 546
    Stephen George Bevan Phillips Conservative Party 347
    Andy Spring Green Party [The] 576
    Pawel Kazimierz Adam Swidlicki Liberal Democrats 230
    Tomas William Thurogood-Hyde Conservative Party 283
    Mark Williams Labour Party [The] 1861 yes
    Ian Wingfield Labour Party [The] 1815 yes
    Rebecca Wood Conservative Party 342
    Lorraine Zuleta Liberal Democrats 201

  14. Camberwell Green
    Terry Adewale All People’s Party 245
    Tracey Elizabeth Beresford Green Party [The] 525
    Mark Del Canto UK Independence Party 302
    Dora Dixon-Fyle Labour Party [The] 2124 yes
    James Ellis Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 143
    David Evans Green Party [The] 360
    Tom Flynn Labour Party [The] 2141 yes
    Rosemary Patricia Friel Green Party [The] 354
    Colin William Alfred Hann Conservative Party 271
    Robert Anthony Hayward Conservative Party 277
    Penny Lee Liberal Democrats 236
    Richard Wickham Malins Liberal Democrats 136
    Georgina Orso Liberal Democrats 140
    Marjorie Ellis Thompson Conservative Party 225
    Kieron Williams Labour Party [The] 1933 yes

  15. South Camberwell
    Emily Jill Barley Conservative Party 421
    Columba Michael Blango Liberal Democrats 283
    Denise Margaret Capstick Liberal Democrats 237
    Amy Carruthers 96
    Graham Davison Conservative Party 351
    Damian Gerard Fox Conservative Party 363
    Christopher Gonde Labour Party [The] 1827 yes
    Russell Gray 70
    Jonathan Hunt Liberal Democrats 315
    Colin Anthony Hunte All People’s Party 176
    Peter John Labour Party [The] 1853 yes
    Sarah King Labour Party [The] 1915 yes
    Eleanor Margolies Green Party [The] 855
    Chantal Purchase Green Party [The] 509
    James Tillyard 67
    Susie Wheeldon Green Party [The] 619

  16. Monkeycat

    Daily Goods used to be set up in the (wonderful) Kinoko Cycle shop in Soho. The guy that runs it seems like a nice bloke and he makes a very fine cup of Joe. SE5 is overflowing with coffe at the moment isn’t it? My favourite at the moment is Fowlds up in Addington Square.

  17. Passed it today. The staff seem well upholstered. A brilliant new addition to Addington. What an excellent symbiosis. All the staff in Cambridge House must be pleased.

  18. Talking of new coffee shops…

    The Costa looks nice and shiny and is aesthetically pleasing…but there is better elsewhere in SE5…

    Including at Chez Eusebiovic…

    Venezuelan Coffee made in an old fashioned iron stove-pot

    Beat that Costa!

    As always, I voted Green


  19. Green is an increasingly, incredibly sensible local vote, Eusebiomate.

    By the way, at the Humanist stall at Nunhead Cemetery Open Day (“Everyone welcome!”) I bought for a quid — a quid, mind:


    The book is almost the size of our house. The Humanist stall is always good — they have donors of the first water.

  20. @Dagmar

    I’d wager that there are lots of lovely Trams in that book…

    The Portuguese were so skint that they were unable to indulge in mischief like scraping their tram system and therefore have come full circle and now have an incredible asset…

    South London once had the most amazing tram network around but was scrapped in 1950’s in favour of mass car ownership.

    Hence the perpetual traffic on Camberwell New Road.

    If a cheeky, unwashed long-term sarf London, cockney urchin of the first water like myself can realise that Green is a socially progressive party then I suppose there is hope for everyone else…

    UKIP my arse

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