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A couple of recent petitions that I’ve been asked to promote:

We want physically segregated cycle lanes on Albany Rd & Thurlow St and Dutch standard prioritised protected crossings for cyclists/pedestrians at cycle route junctions, in the Aylesbury Estate plan — with the recent cancellation of CS6, better provision for cyclists on the back streets becomes more important.

We call on Eric Pickles, to investigate allegations of governance failure, poor financial management and potential fraud at the London Borough of Southwark, relating to the sale of the Heygate Estate — not directly about Camberwell, but it’s just down the road and has also cost you money from your taxes.

Update: A public consultation on the proposal to extend the Bakerloo Line South — via either Old Kent Road, or a new Camberwell station.

Update: Here’s another one, calling for fairer flight paths to and from Heathrow — Camberwell is one of the affected areas.

If you know of any more, email peter@​camberwellonline.​co.​uk or tweet @camberwellblog.

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Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. “There is only one logical outcome to Southwark’s tunnelling tussle, which is that the Camberwell option will lose. It’s ridiculously indirect, for a start, wiggling around all over the place to tick off a few key stations along the way, and increasing journey time for anyone trying to get into town from further out. It only creates one new transport node rather than two, and it doubles up on an existing direct link between Peckham Rye and Lewisham, which could only be a waste of money. Whereas two new stations along the Old Kent Road would be in an almost straight line from E&C to Lewisham, and create a more direct hit on the heart of the existing railway-less zone.”


    What is the compelling reason for having the tube in Camberwell rather than Old Kent Road?

  2. Can anyone recommend a local handyman? Need some boxing made to cover some pipes, + couple of other small jobs.

  3. RE: The extension.

    The beauty of Camberwell is people are fooled into thinking we have bad transport connections because we are not on the tube.
    — Where else can can you have access every mainland rail station in London with a single bus? Camberwell Green of course! Yes it can be slow but we also benefit from 24hr routes.
    — We have the overground (cleverly concealed as Denmark Hill).

    On a very selfish note, the tube will just bring in a massive influx of people who have no interest in living in Camberwell for its culture, diversity and idiosyncrasies, but because it’s ‘close to work’. How dull SE5 will become.

    The sensible thing would be to give the Bakerloo investment to the Old Kent Rd (which let’s face it really needs it) and re-open up Camberwell overground station to link SE5 back up to Ele & Castle.

    I honestly do not see why they are not doing that. That way everyone is served, and that’s what we should be fighting for.

  4. One idea for the Bakerloo line would be to go with the Old Kent Road option, but put a small kink into it.

    That way, instead of having both of the proposed stations on the Old Kent Road itself, one of the new stations could be towards the centre of Burgess Park serving what is now the Aylesbury Estate as well as North Peckham and North Camberwell.

    These areas — especially the Aylesbury Estate — have great potential for revenue generating development of the type TfL thinks is essential to the extension project. They also lack the good bus service that central Camberwell has along Camberwell Church Street, Denmark Hill and Camberwell Road. There could still be one tube station serving the Old Kent Road proper somewhere around Asda and B & Q.

  5. Any new tube lines/stations should be directed towards the most deprived areas. Probably the Walworth Road and the Old Kent Road and associated estates. Except the tube is so expensive compared with buses that not many poor people use the tube.…..as you will know if you travel on the early morning buses! Transport policy should seek to reduce the inequalities across London

  6. I’m with Mrs PBTT (I would say that wouldn’t I?) about the actual necessity of a tube station in Camberwell.

    We already have excellent transport links, but many people only see London in terms of the stations on a Tube map.

    People who live in Camberwell live here despite the lack of a Tube. A tube station could turn us into another Clapham (which spell check wants to change to Clap-trap by the way) full of braying bankers, and that is not something I personally would like to see here.

    If Boris and his successors really want to integrate public transport, and reduce the imbalance that pushes people on lower incomes onto buses, I would love to see timed tickets that are common in many cities around the world, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

    You can buy tickets for 30, 60 or 90 minutes in Prague, and these are valid on all forms of transport within the time limit.

    Timed tickets, and a cheaper option of opening up Camberwell rail station again would be a great alternative, and easier to achieve. Camberwell trains or Boris bikes (please for the love of God when will we get them?) could then drop you off at Ele and Castle, and free up bus traffic on Camberwell New Road and Walworth Road.

  7. I know we got the commendable orbital overground but does anyone miss the radial services which disappeared in it’s wake? I’m not sure Camberwell would need another station if ‘they’d’ only reinstate our London Bridge link and the frequency of our Thameslink service (now non-existant at the weekend and after 9pm on week days) and our off-peak service to Victoria. Is it worth a petition?

  8. @Lucas: There were massive petitions and local politician involvement before the services you mention were cut, and it didn’t work then. I don’t think it’s worth the effort now.

    Having said that, even when the trains are running to Victoria, I have rarely used them.

    By the time I’ve got up the hill, got the train and got out of Victoria, I might as well get the bus. Especially at the weekend, when traffic is lighter. Ditto for London Bridge.

    There are so many buses in Camberwell, and on the whole, they are very good.

    I find the link to Clapham Junction and east London much more valuable as links to these areas were much more problematic before the Ginger line came along.

    Another bonus is that Clapham Junction is not a mainline terminus, and therefore it’s much cheaper to travel from there (or Vauxhall for that matter) than Victoria, Waterloo or London Bridge, etc.

  9. I have just got an email saying that the Council has funding in place to do the planned work on the Green and that a planning application will be made soon. It says, however, that they are proposing to leave the public toilet where it is.

    Does anyone else find that last piece of news depressing? At the most prominent place on the Green, where the gateway to the green space beyond ought to be, we have: a concrete cubicle. A municipal turd temple. For my part, I thought that moving that toilet was the only really worthwhile part of the whole project.


  10. I did almost lose the will to live grinding up the Walworth Road on the 171 to Holborn today. To go any slower this bus would have to travel backwards!
    I agree the ‘turd temple’ is badly placed. What can we do about it? Is there an issue about it being well lit and open to scrutiny? For what other reason must a loo dominate that corner of the green?
    And I really miss the London Bridge link too.
    Opening Camberwell Station would be wonderful but I’m not sure where the trains would go?

  11. That’s just the thing: we do have bus routes to be proud of but our arteries are all furred-up. We’re a stone’s-throw from Central London but — travel-wise — when it takes 30 mins to get to Vauxhall we may as well live in Croydon or beyond…

    The loo’s a bummer.

  12. Nice big 96% moon tonight over town, 100% at ten to noon tomorrow, back up in the evening at 99% and same next night. To sit in St Giles churchyard and watch it slowly pass overhead like a newly minted shilling is one of Camberwell’s true delights.

  13. Oh Dagmar, you got my hopes up for a beautiful moon this morning. Yet rain stops play today.

    Re transport: yes it’s a pain, but every journey is the “London Hour” in the end, no matter what transport you use. Unless you are cycling.

    If we had the tube we’d be annoyed at the overcrowding at rush hour.

    Re the green: I quite like the proposed designs, apart from the said turd temple. Thankfully they’ve put the railings back, and moved the playground down to the bottom of the green which will open up the space a bit more.


    Re the turd temple: I spoke to Pippa Khrisnan who emailed everyone yesterday. She said the original plan was to move it but apparently it costs too much to do this so it stays.

    Now, that is worth a petition. Anyone want to set that up?

    Move the turd temple off Camberwell Green. It says welcome to Camberwell Green and it’s full of shit!

  14. Will there be any equipment that disabled children can use in the playground, I wonder? There are very few playgrounds that cater for children who can’t stand or walk or sit unaided.

    There must be sewers all round Camberwell Green so I don’t understand why the Turd Temple can’t be relocated.

    Who was e‑mailed…who is ‘everybody’ in this context?!

    It is so clearly the wrong place for it to be sited. And another example of Camberwell being short changed. Has anyone looked at the state of the pavements in Camberwell Church Street recently? They are not filthy in Bermondsey or East Dulwich. I wonder why?

  15. One of Camberwell Road’s many churches is up for auction:


    I guess it’ll be a scrap between the property developers and more places of worship. The latter will have the advantage of not needing planning permission. Anyone have a spare couple of million to turn it back into proper retail with a decent façade that would actually help improve the state of Camberwell Road? I’ll happily throw in a fiver.

  16. I hope not to make my every contribution here about the Fox on the Hill, but lovers of the place should know it has had its licence called in for review.
    Complaints have been made about the car park being a venue for after-hours frolics, fornication and fights, or public nuisance and crime and disorder as the council have it.
    Make no mistake this is a grave threat on Camberwell’s southern border. It took a mere one persistent complainant to close down the hill’s other bastion of booze, Hoopers.

  17. @sloth We’ve used a plumber/handyman for a few odd jobs (mostly plumbing related), might be worth seeing if he does the sort of thing you need. He came recommended to us by the chaps at the father/son hardware store. Josh: 07986363839 jcthelwell@​hotmail.​com

  18. Excellent news last night if you are a resident on the D’Eynsford Estate, or concerned about Southwark council wasting money and

    We had a meeting with all the major works team representatives involved in programme on our estate.

    We had assurances and promises from Councillors Ian Wingfield and Radha Burgess that no windows would be replaced without first fixing the massive overheating problems on the estate.

    We were also promised that we will have a new, independent survey of the windows done in 100% of the flats (or as close as possible) to actually discover their true condition before making any decision on whether to replace them.

    This shows that if you fight the council officers early enough, you can stop them ploughing on with unnecessary works, without proper consultation, and that a one size fits all policy of improvements isn’t the best or cheapest option.

  19. Champ, the Fox on the Hill is a national treasure in Camberwell. I hope that one local curtain-twitcher does not have the power to close it down.

    The garden in the warm months — and there are quite a lot of them now as the Thames creeps up the Walworth Road — is a generous expanse.

    The back patio is always packed with diners. The prices are good. The beer is excellent.

    The Fox is a country pub in Camberwell. Let’s hope the curtain-twitcher is placated, given a larger telescope and that this vast asset to Camberwell continues its good work as a decent, popular, properly diverse pub.

  20. @Dagmar

    Both my parents grew up under fascist dictators in Portugal and Spain…

    There used to be a few special words of contemptuous abuse for people who looked through the curtains reporting their neighbours to the authorities for even the most minor of indiscretions

    I worry about the mentality of the intolerants…they seem to object to anything they get annoyed about on a particular day.

    In the end, everyone will be at stuck at home in fear, perpetually twitching those curtains and forgetting that the most important element of human interaction is — to socialise…because that is how we learn.

    Also the girls at The Pigeon Hole cafe were unfortunately targeted by a burglar yesterday and lost their takings for the entire day…nobody was hurt in the process though…which is a very good thing indeed.

  21. Maybe the message will get through to the Fox car-park funsters that their pranks are jeopardising the future of the pub. One complainant can cause equal damage, so to speak.

    But such car-park people don’t care and may not be from round here. They have lager of the brain. In the old days, they would be sorted.

    If the Fox went, the hygienisation of Camberwell would continue.

    There have been two house break-ins not far from Pigeon Hole, quite unusual. There may be a spate.

    Eusebio, you are a pillar of Camberwell. You look after your yourself. There’ll be documentary crews knocking if you’re not careful.

    (I can’t abide the way some people call everyone they don’t like a fascist. They are babies.)

    Do we know this local website? Nicely done, etc.

    Eus, you’ll be in it soon in grainy black-and-white.


  22. @eusebiovic Very sorry to hear about the Pigeon Hole burglary‑I was in there early yesterday and thinking how lovely it was/they were.

    I was musing on the subject of markets while I hauled my bag of Camberwell Farmers’ Market goodies back home. While the Kent veg, fruit and meat is great at Camberwell Green Market, it is very small and not very buzzy or busy. We do seem to be missing out on the street food revolution viz. Northcross Road, and now I understand that a new market is being started on Bellenden Road. Back in the day, there was discussion of using Daneville Road. Maybe a Saturday street market at the bottom of Grove Lane would be interesting.

  23. I hope no one minds me spreading the word a bit but I’ve seen a few folks comment on the concerts we put on at St Giles’ Church so here’s some details of a concert with a Halloween twist!

    On Friday 31st Oct at 7pm (hopefully enough time to finish trick or treating) we’re showing Hitchcock’s ‘The Lodger: A tale of the London Fog’. It’s a silent film made in Islington in 1927 and it stars Ivor Novello. There’s live music by Camberwell Community Choir and I’m playing the piano. The rating is a PG so families are welcome, but there’s no cushions to hide behind in the pews!

    There’s a bar and tickets cost £5/£3 available on the door. Outfits are welcome — you can go for trad Halloween or 1920’s period dress! Jazz in the crypt starts at 9.30pm on that night and you can buy joint tickets for the film and jazz at wegottickets.com if you want your regular jazz fix as well!

    There’s a few more details at http://www.musicatstgiles.com

  24. Ashley, we’ve had that flier on our kitchen table for a few days. As it happens, I’ll be away, and also it looks a bit scary, but it’s good to post this sort of stuff. So even if you’re not going, you can read about what’s happening.

  25. Bad news for the Pigeon Hole cafe. I have not been in yet. Is it the one by the Flying Fish? Is it recommended?

    The Portuguese cafe in Camberwell is very authentic. £1 for an espresso and £1 for a pastela de nata. Although the place for Portuguese is now Norwood High Street. 5 mini pastela de natas for a quid. The Portuguese are there in force, and the place is better for it.

  26. @Ashley:

    I am rather looking forward to a bit of Hitchcock in St. Giles.

    And of course you can spread the word. It’s what this blog is for. People butting in and bragging about what they are up to…or is that just me?

  27. @Ashley:

    I am rather looking forward to a bit of Hitchcock and beer in St. Giles.

    And of course you can spread the word. It’s what this blog is for. People butting in and bragging about what they are up to…or is that just me?

  28. If The Lodger is half as good as last year’s Hunchback of Notre Dame then we’re all in for a treat. Excellent musical accompaniment to a (sort of) scary silent movie in a dark neo-Gothic church? I’ll be ‘avin that.

    I was worried that Camberwell would reach caffeine saturation point due to the recent glut of coffee shops opening up, but that doesn’t seem to have happened. Each of the new-comers is different enough to have found their own niche — the joys of independents!

    I’ll admit that for me the Pigeon Hole was a slow burner (or should that be slow roaster?) but it’s now perhaps my favourite of the lot. They try to keep their suppliers local, which meant they initially had some issues sourcing quality cakes and pastries (sorted now). There’s a really good atmosphere largely helped by George and Holly being very friendly, and ably assisted by the fact they’ve got great taste in music which is played at just the right level.

    When Datchelor Place becomes pedestrianised, hopefully they can spill out onto the new paved area and attract more attention from the Church Street passers by.

    On another note… has anyone else heard that the new block of flats to be located at the old Peckham Rd petrol station is to have a Sainsbury’s on the ground floor? True or no?

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