Camberwell Co-Op reopening 27 March 2015

A leaflet drops through my door telling me that the Co-Op food shop at 28 — 32 Denmark Hill is set to reopen this Friday, 27 March 2015, after a refurbishment.

The shop, formerly Somerfield, and before that Kwik Save, closed around two weeks ago and I feared that we had lost it. I hope that the refurb will be along the lines of the Camberwell New Road Co-Op with a bright and airy feeling.

On the subject of Camberwell retail does anyone know what plans there are for the Peacocks site (ex-99p, ex-Woolworths) on Denmark Hill? I havent seen any signs up advertising it for rent and there doesnt seem to be any activity on the site. There was a planning application made last April to redevelop the site to provide 42 student accommodation rooms over three floors but it is unclear from the Southwark site at what stage the application is at.

With a Premier Inn being built on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton maybe there is scope for a hotel? Camberwell is on Travelodge’s list of target locations and it would be good to have a larger more mass market hotel in the area. We shall see — anything but another betting shop!

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  1. No insight on what’s going on at Peacock’s, but happy to report that crashing and banging has been heard from the old Camberwell Cars office opposite it (next to the Post Office), which has been vacant and looking shabby for quite some time now. Planning permission was granted in November for redevelopment of about 3 or 4 flats above, including a new storey, but we’re not sure what is planned for the commercial unit.

  2. Interesting re the CC office. I assume that the Camberwell Society knows about this — they are always keen to comment on SE5 planning applications. And I’d better take CC off my speed dial (not that I have used it for a while)!

  3. Camberwell Cars still exist. And they are still lovely and friendly. They are based up Camberwell New Road now. Number is the same. I still use them regularly.

  4. No they don’t. Went there tonight. The automatic door won’t open properly, baffling many, who stand there baffled — in that they can’t get in. Not a good retail ploy, actually really stupid.

    Wide aisles, bright lighting, less things to buy. Prices still high, possibly — at a glance — higher.

    Stupid messages in the point-of-sale along the lines of “buy some cool stuff and have fun”.

    RIDICULOUS pavement stencils outside along the lines of “HUNGRY? Come to the new cool Co-op.”

    The Co-op have really taken excellent advice from retail folks and haemorrhaged even more money than they did when they got into bed with serious bankers.

    Me and the Dagmarettes have been Co-op members since God was a boy.

    And now this, here, in England now, in Camberwell.

    The staff are all over the place.

    The refit is shit — like the Camberwell New Road branch. The prices are not very cooperative or socialist, to say the least. The tone of voice is kiddy.

    Why not close up completely, Co-op? That is what you are suggesting to us.

  5. @Dagmar

    The Co-Op is now owned by the venture capitalists and hedge fund vultures.

    We all need to get up off of our collective posterior and invent a new one

    48p a lemon?

    I’m sure they were trying to tell me something…

  6. 8 lemons for a pand (£1) on Rye Lane.

    But £3 for a plastic cup of (very nice) juice at Ali Babas Outdoor Juice Bar.

  7. I popped in a day or two after it opened, never a frequent visitor, the shop was a bit tatty with leaking cold cabinets but I always found the staff very pleasant. I commented on the new refurb and asked the lovely assistant if they had a new staff room and she said no, its the same old room. Nice one Co-op, redeck the front and leave your staff in shit out the back. Wont’ be going back

  8. I for one would welcome a major hotel chain in Camberwell — whilst the lovely boutique Church St Hotel is amazing there are a lot of people who want a bog-standard hotel, easy come easy go, and arent fussed about the ambience etc.

    Different markets: horses for courses etc

    Plus there are lots of people with special needs who want a hotel with a lift/ other facilities which a boutique establishment cant offer.

    I would have thought that the Woolworths site would be most attractive to Premier Inn — the Costa Coffee next door is part of the same company afterall.

  9. The Co-op continues to offer knock-down prices on next-day-gone food, like little potatoes all the way from Cornwall down to 29p for a bag of ’em. So the show goes on. All is not lost.

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