National Record Store Day this Sat at Rat Records Camberwell

Tomorrow, Saturday 18 April 2015, is National Record Store Day and our own Camberwell record shop: Rat Records on Camberwell New Road will be marking the day with records and DJs- see flyer below (taken from the Rat Records Facebook page)

Rat Records is always worth visiting for a browse: Camberwell is very lucky to have this shop when so many, it seems, have been forced out of business across London.

. Rat Records National Record Store Day flyer

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  1. Also on tomorrow (Saturday 18th April) it is the last home match of the season for Dulwich Hamlet. Currently in 4th spot with 2 games to go, a win for Hamlet would guarantee a place in the promotion playoffs. Opponents are Maidstone who are top of the table and a win for them would clinch the title and automatic promotion. On track for a sell-out with 2600 tickets sold already and only 400 left. It is an all ticket match so tickets need to be purchased in advance — can be done online here:

  2. A corker. I was at Millwall’s desperate relegation dogfight with Wigan on Tuesday night — mostly all handbags and flurries of talcum powder — but you can’t beat a good day at the Hamlet. It’s like football used to be — hang on, it’s like football is, no it is what football is — at Dulwich Hamlet. There, got the ball in the net in the end.

    I must persevere in trying to bring my daughters up tomorrow at various events, but would love to have been there.

    Also at Rat. Maybe Camberwell will keep a lot of its character, whilst central London is de-Londonified.

  3. Yep — Nil — Nil

    A rarity at Dulwich Hamlet…but a record crowd 3,000 plus our opponents Maidstone United clinched promotion.

    Opposing fans hugged each other, exchanged scarfs and had a drink and a sing song too. Which is what football is all about really, not unlike a room of strangers all enjoying the collective experience of watching a film together.

    We are the rolling people

    …If we want it 😉

  4. I expect many people must have noticed, but House cafe has closed down. Does anybody know how come? It always seemed quite popular.

    There’s been a few closures recently, actually, including the short-lived Le Tire Bouchon, on Coldharbour Lane, and now Raffles, the hair salon cum vintage clothing shop on Denmark Hill.

    Le Tire Bouchon never really got going: it went into what was a Thai restaurant there and so wines and charcuterie. But it never reopened after Christmas.

    I’d be interested to hear if anyone knows what will become of those premises.

  5. @HowardS. There are comments about what happened to House somewhere on this Blog.

    As for Tire B. It was never going to work. It looked made Cafe Rouge look classy and soulful!

  6. Thanks Peter/Monkeycat for the info about House. Shame to see it go, but happy something else should be going in soon-ish.

    I agree with both of you about Le TB. It didn’t seem to have any character at all, and its sporadic customers seemed like they were sitting in a fishbowl. Much the same was true when it was a Thai restaurant, actually, although I always thought the food was good.

    Not sure what’ll go into that unit now. Maybe Le TB will reopen after a rethink.

    As for Raffles on Denmark Hill, no idea what’s planned for there.

  7. On another note:

    For those who’ve watched ‘Sell-Off’ (still avail on YouTube) & are consequently enraged about the dismantling of the NHS or for those simply in search of a party worth voting for… We are lucky in Camberwell & Peckham to have the fabulous Rebecca Fox standing for the NHA (National Health Action) Party.

    Founded in 2012 by concerned doctors, it seeks to defend the NHS from privatisation & underfunding. It’s other policies are pretty sane too:

    Thank you. I shall now dismount.

  8. I’m pretty sure I saw the NHS Party candidate on the way home from dropping my son at school this morning. I couldn’t place her at first and thought she must be off the telly… but no, her face is on the leaflet on the kitchen table at home.

    Cool story, huh.

    From what I know about the party (not much), I respect her for raising the issue even though she has no chance of winning.

    Judging by the leaflets through our letter box, we have a diverse selection of candidates to choose from locally. The People’s Party, The Socialists, The Green Surge, Conservatives (a friend of a friend, as it happens).

    Even though we know this seat is a Labour lock-in, having this many candidates is good. Between them they probably have some good ideas.

    Damn. I must really be getting old and sensible to be posting online about politics.

  9. Speaking of which, we got a bunch more leaflets through the door today. One party is called CISTA and one appears to be called the Nick Wrack Party. Nothing from the Kippers yet, thankfully.

  10. First past the post system has outlived it’s usefulness for everyone except the same old, same old who always benefit.

    Proportional Representation — and not the half-hearted charade the last time a “referendum” was held — during the same month as the last royal wedding.

    Amelia Womack seems like an impressively optimistic young person with verve which politics needs rather than the faux-young persons who often act even more boorish than their fathers ever managed but as I’m in the Dulwich & West Norwood constituency part of Camberwell — somebody else will have to vote for her… 🙂

  11. Young people with verve are important to politics.

    But you also need older women who know what’s what. Hariett Harman and Jenny Jones, for example, from around these parts have useful experience in these matters.

    (Men politicians are also important, but we have surfeit of them).

    Maybe after a few hung parliaments there will be more motivation to reform of the system and adopt proportional representation? I confess, though, I’m out of my depth at this level of politics.

    Edit: I saw Nick Wrack’s campaign video on YouTube. He has an endorsement from Ken Loach, the film maker, for what that’s worth.

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