New old photos of Camberwell

A new account on Flickr, Historic Images UK, has posted a batch of old photos of Camberwell that I’ve never seen before. Among many (many) of Camberwell Grove, there are some real old treasures. Here are a few good ones.

This is the corner of Camberwell Green where the public toilets now stand. Is that some kind of shrine there, or just a monument?

Camberwell Green 1930.JPG

The Lava Skating Rink, which stood at the top of Camberwell Grove near Denmark Hill station. So-called because the surface was covered with lava from Vesuvius.

The Lava Skating Rink, Grove Lane, Camberwell 1908.JPG

Camberwell Grove, 1905. Hasn’t changed much.


I think this is the cottage that still stands at the top of Camberwell Grove, although it’s not thatched any more.


A drawing of the old St Giles church, which stood on the site of the current one.

St Giles, Camberwell.jpg

300-year-old galleried stables on Camberwell Grove. Gone now, I think.

Old Stables, Camberwell Grove.jpg

Author: Peter

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10 thoughts on “New old photos of Camberwell”

  1. Brilliant ! …

    Love to see old pictures like these … so evocative.

    Great and fascinating to see what was around in the past and also to compare with the present too.

    Thanks for posting these !

  2. My pal Jes Holden did some work for the Jimmy Mizen Foundation against street crime. We were thinking of a street marking system — body outline like in a crime scene, for instance — to mark every street murder, as a way of keeping it in people’s minds day to day. Those roses you see stencilled on walls just above the pavement are good.

    Trouble is, after a few years there’d be one every few yards. The ghost bikes are the same. I remember going to Europe for the first time years ago and seeing shrines every few yards on their crazy roads.

    These street deaths are part of a pecking-order cult that needs human sacrifice all the time. When that cult with its primitive needs bites the dust, then the street deaths will stop.

    Saw the Jimmy Mizzen minibus today in New Cross which made me think of it.

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