This weekend: Get ready for Camberwell Arts Winter Open Studios.


Working on Camberwell Arts is like painting the Severn Bridge: The work is never over!

No sooner has the summer festival been put to bed, then planning for Winter Open Studios took over.

Open Studios is nothing new, however this is the third collaborative event coordinated by Camberwell Arts on behalf of studios of Camberwell, and this winter it is bigger than ever, with over 120 artists, makers and creators across 11 locations simultaneously throwing open their doors to art-lovers and gift-seekers.

With hand crafted jewellery, textiles, fashion, ceramics, homewares, accessories, as well as a wealth of visual art from the internationally renowned to the up and coming creatives of Camberwell, there has never been a better reason to visit and shop local this Christmas for something truly unique and support the creative arts.


Download the PDF brochure from our website

The event kicks off Friday 27th Nov 6–9pm with private views at:

And then will continue 11–6pm on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, with all studios open*


Follow our social media feeds for introductions to everyone taking part:

We also delighted to have a classic Italian coffee machine mounted on a vintage Russian motorcycle driving around the studios on Saturday and Sunday keeping all artists and art loving public fresh hot beverages. We shall get them to tweet their locations so keep your eyes peeled on Twitter: @Sidecar_coffee

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If you have any ideas of how we can make the event even bigger and better, or if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact me: camberwellartsfestival@​gmail.​com

Cheers, and see you there!
Jordana Leighton, Camberwell Arts.


*Please note there will be a mini pop up at Clockwork Studios, however their main event is the 11–13 Dec.

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    Tomorrow, Saturday 5 December, is LYNDHURST PRIMARY WINTER CHRISTMAS FAIR 3–6pm.

    Entertainment will be provided by the FAT ARTHUR BAND with their guest theraminist, Emily.

    The book stall will be heaving with wordage of exceptional quality and VFM.

    Mulled wine.

    There may be polar bears. Who knows in these unpredictable times we live in?

  3. Well, the polar bears turned up to the Lyndhurst Primary School Winter Fair, but they ate the penguins.

    For the second time I’ve nearly been wiped out at the Oval Tube crossroads. The lights ahead, going towards London, turn green, one takes off and a WALL of cars, trucks and buses IMMEDIATELY appears from the right, the east.

    A hell of a sight. Sort of, the last-thing-you-ever-see sight.

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