Angels & Gypsies closes its doors

Very shocked to learn today that Angels & Gypsies, on Church St., has closed. The Church Street Hotel and Communion Bar are unaffected and will continue as normal. A statement on their website reads:

Having had 6 wonderful years of bringing our passion for creative, seasonal tapas to our intimate restaurant we have decided to focus our expertise in hosting special events. We will no longer be operating as a seven day a week restaurant , but will be working closely with our catering partners, Church Street Hotel, and Communion Bar in providing a warm intimate venue for private events, functions, wedding receptions and venue hire.

We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their support over the years, and look forward to hosting many more special events to come.

The food at Angels & Gypsies has been consistently excellent, and made the restaurant one of the first ‘destination’ restaurants in the area. If increased competition in the past few years meant that it wasn’t always full to capacity as in its heyday, Angels & Gypsies was rarely below half full on any given evening. The loss of the place leaves us with a tapas-shaped hole.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

15 thoughts on “Angels & Gypsies closes its doors”

  1. Slotted into Camberwell like angels & gypsies, indeed, had the sort of loucheness that gives Camberwell a slightly salty, seaside feel. Still, all’s not lost. In our ever-changing way, all’s well.

  2. This is a shame, it always delivered on quality, service and atmosphere for me. Can I ask if anyone knows any Italian/Sicilian chefs for a potential local project? Grazie mille!

  3. The April showers come and go but the blossom for which Camberwell is legendary is bearing up. The river Peck, well brook, on the Rye was quite swollen with rain today. It is marvellous to see these natural currents surviving the age of digital technology, political bullshit, shareholder value monomania and global commodity market volatility. The Quaggy is virtually the only thing that raises the spirits in Lewisham as it biodegrades the shopping trollies that embrace its waters.

  4. It’s the last home game of the season for Dulwich Hamlet tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm. Currently in 5th, we need a win and a draw from the last two matches to ensure we make the promotion playoffs. Opposition is Lewes who are already relegated, however they did beat us 3–1 in the reverse fixture back in February. Hopefully there will get another big crowd for the game.
    @Peter — have you ever been to watch the Hamlet? I know you’re a football fan and Arsenal don’t play till Sunday so no clash with the Hamlet game.

  5. We are sitting in Indiaah, 59 Denmark Hill. This is the third time we have been here. We have been eating curries in the area for many years. Safa was once excellent (we were sad to see it fade).
    This restaurant is excellent and should flourish if Camberwellians really appreciate a good curry.

  6. What a shame! Angels and Gypsies was one of my favourite local restaurants. The food and service was always great. Where will I go for good, local, friendly and affordable food now? Suggestions?

  7. MAUDE! We went to Indiaah! for the first time in years, recently. My post of 1st March 2016 related how we wandered round Camberwell looking for anywhere that would take us on a Saturday night. It’s good grub, ain’t it? Just like Camberwell used to be in every way, aww!

    1. Dagmar Darling, Late responding as been on trains all across Europe. Now in Madrid, back soon.
      Yes, Indiaah is Camberwell unhipped.
      Sadly couldn’t get to Pelican thingy to speak up for it. Did you?

  8. You put the mad in Madrid, dear, like our sister puts the Grace into disgrace. Yes, nice to sit in an unchanged Indiaah, really feel at home there rather than posing in an interior.

    Regeneration is taking the London out of London. This is an obvious, trite truism that is insignificant under the tsunami wave of regeneration hanging over its little fishing boat. The centrifuging of London’s people and buildings by global market forces is packing the life off into the outer suburbs or even away entirely. It is a rum do, in some ways inevitable and even sensible, but feels a little unLondon.

    I was declaiming this outside the Pelican in my music hall Victorian costume the other day, my bonnet askew and gamp windmilling, along the lines of the great Albert Chevalier song, “Wot’s the good of anyfink? Nuffink!”

    It is worth posting for posterity this pre-Beckettian marvel of misanthrope:‑W/Wots-The-Good-Of-Anyfink.htm

  9. Lovely day isn’t it?

    In local minutiae news, the blue plaque marking Garudio Studiage has disappeared from the garage wall on Osywth Road.

    1. Must we mark our every bodily function with a blue plaque, like the Garudio boys? They were not exactly Tom Phillips or Jarvis Cocker.

      A lovely day, indeed, Gabe. Soon it will be the marvellous Nunhead Cemetery Open Day on 21 May 11am-5pm, “Everyone welcome — no-one turned away — we look forward to seeing you!”

  10. What a day, again.

    Lots of what looked like Labour Party canvassers at the train station this morning.

    I quite like voting nowadays. Walking to the polling station, nodding to neighbours, maybe stop for a chat. It’s like a mini-community event that lasts 10–20 minutes as you go to make your mark.

    You get different groups too.

    * The early morning on-the-way to work people. They are definitely going to vote and vote early

    * The mid-day crowd. Don’t know much about this group. Nice day for it anyway

    * The early evening after work people. Maybe bring the kids. Maybe a few younger people (Millennials?)

    * The just-in-time people

    Nunhead Cemetery is great, isn’t it. Presumably everyone knows that bench up the top where you get a direct view through the trees, across the city, to St Paul’s.

  11. The bench has been well used by visitors, Goths and the like. In the midst of death, we are in life, or at least into each other.

    Saturday sees Millwall visit Gillingham, a jolly jaunt that will be, with the prospect of the Wall reaching Wembley for the play-off final. Come on Millwall, be good, be lucky.

    I wonder who will be Mayor of London tomorrow? Politics is now too superficial for this website. It’s like “Big Brother” soon before it was discontinued.

    Still, the red London bus toots and is on its way.

    Yes we Khan.

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