Christmas Opening Hours

An incomplete and growing roundup of Christmas opening hours around the area, to help you make your festive plans. Submissions always welcome: email peter@​camberwellonline.​co.​uk, or flag/DM me on Instagram or Twitter (I’m @camberwellblog on both) or Facebook.

Food & drink

Stormbird and The Hermit’s Cave will close on the bank holidays: Christmas, Boxing, and New Year’s Days, open regular hours otherwise.

The Crooked Well will close at 9pm on Christmas Eve, and stay closed for Christmas and Boxing Days. They’ll be serving food all day on NYE (no info on hours), but will be open New Year’s Day from 12.30–17.00.

The Sun will close at 11pm on Christmas Eve (8pm for food), stay closed on Christmas Day, then reopen 12–6pm (food until 5pm) on Boxing Day. NYE open until 2am (food 9pm), NYD 12–8pm (food until 6pm).

If you want a drink on Christmas Day, Grove House will open from 12–3pm, and will be open throughout Christmas albeit with reduced hours (12–8pm) until the 30th. I’ve also been told (not confirmed) that The Cambria is open from 12–3pm.

Theo’s will close on Christmas Eve and reopen on the 28th, remaining open over NYE and NYD. FM Mangal will close from 24th-26th December, and on 1st January. Fladda will close Saturday 23rd, reopening only on the 9th January.

The Pigeon Hole have a nice long break; they’ll close at 5pm on 23rd, and reopen at 8.30am on 5th January. Cafe at the ORTUS will have a slightly shorter break, closing at 2pm on 22nd December and reopening on 2nd January. Maloko will close at 5pm on Christmas Eve and stay closed for Christmas and Boxing Days.

If coffee’s your thing, Lumberjack will close at 3pm on the 23rd and reopen at 10am on New Year’s Day.  Spike + Earl will close at 3pm on the 23rd, stay closed on the 24th to 26th, then open again from the 27th to 30th with limited opening hours of 10am to 3pm.

The Hill Baker will close at 1pm on Christmas Eve and reopen on 9th January.


If you need any pills over Christmas, note that Day Lewis Pharmacy on Church St. will close 24th-26th December, and 31st December to 1st January. But if your dog swallows some tinsel, the London Animal Hospital will be open 24-hours throughout the holiday season.

And if you over-exert yourself and need some physiotherapy, Support & Sustain will be closed on the bank holidays but will be available by phone for urgent enquiries, and offering some free advice clinics to help ease the load on the NHS.

If you want to buy some new vinyl with your Christmas money, Rat Records will be closed from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Opening Hours”

  1. What was ‘Hair Couture’ on Church St is now ‘Grinders of London’ — another cafe, which seems to specialise in salt beef bagels.

  2. Really useful, thanks for this list. Sounds like Peckham Rye has a bit more open tomorrow, ideal for those who need to walk the dog via a pub, escape the family, justify eating a month’s calories in a single day.…

    I’m amazed how rapidly the hair salon closed and ‘Grinders of London’ opened. Slightly strange name and USP — ‘Coffee and Salt Beef’. I confess that as I’ve not eaten meat for 20 years, and the fact that we are all being encouraged to cut down meat consumption, it irks to see yet another meat-focused purveyor open its doors.

    1. The hair dressers are still there. It’s the same owner but he’s moved the hair salon downstairs.

      Fladda is doing well, despite the problems they have had at opening.

      I would take the fact they have closed for Christmas as a positive. They can afford to take the time off. I am cursing them and thanking them for being closed. Cursing cos I quite fancy fish and chips, thanking them because I’m not sure my body can take much more food.

  3. Very quiet in Camberwell tonight, but it may be the calm before Storm Eleanor. Maloko still open quite late — that place is so gentle, calm, kind and Camberwell. Cave packed, Stormbird ditto. When global warming happens properly, both pubs and Maloko will be beach bars. Bring it on.

    I wonder if we should form a Camberwell Tourist Board? There is something incredibly special about Camberwell that is not obvious, but eludes the subtle grinding down by global capitalism that is affecting much of Britain, in the most extraordinary way.

    Passport to Pimlico? Why not Passport to Camberwell? It would be the most interesting, diverse’n’vibrant republic within Boris Johnston’s “glorious-future” grovelling, dismal, picture-postcard national prattorium.

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