SPARK: Storytelling at the Blue Elephant

Hello! I haven’t posted before but I think this blog is great, hope this sort of thing is of interest.

Just went to this lovely event that is on all week at our local theatre The Blue Elephant.

Spark at The Blue Elephant TheatreAt spark events, storytellers, some amateur, some not, tell true stories from their lives. Tonight, the six stories were all connected to the theme ‘Animal magnetism’ and were woven together by Silver Lining – a duo that played floaty, folky tunes between anecdotes. The silver lining here was definitely the exception to the rule though, because there certainly wasn’t a cloud in sight in this intimate and funny evening.

A young girl told us about how she became an unlikely ‘sparkie’ in the film industry – from hauling huge lights around as a runner to driving a HGV full of lighting equipment to the rocky heights of Spain for a Bond film – when she was confronted by man who demanded she weigh up his elephant-sized bollocks.

We ventured (further?) into the dark side with a recount of someone’s conquest over the magnetism of cocaine and heard about love triangle between two teacher friends and their ‘baby giraff’ student. Messy it was.

As a total sucker for cat stories, I loved the one about Pablo the cat’s disappearance and the mad-capped plan to find him back which involved leafleting their mobile phone number to all of Brixton’s crazies.

Our animal instinct to tell a good story saw dumped bloke get revenge by hooking up with girlfriend of guy deemed ‘more man’ than he. And a drama graduate mourned the King. King — the ‘illegal immigrant’ penguin that is.

All in all, it was a great bag of goodies held together by some beautiful signing and music. In keeping with the local flavour of the night, as the audience dispersed, the band sang of ghosts in the Old Kent Road.

Check out one of the other nights this week if you can, every day has a different theme: guts, home, special delivery and close call. You can also get involved yourself and tell your own story on the open mike night on Friday.

The Blue ElephantIt’s only £5 for Southwark residents and if you really get into it and want to see more than one show, you get the rest of the nights half price once you’ve seen one.

More on the Blue Elephant Theatre site: