Life in the fast lane

A bus lane on Camberwell New Road took £2 million in fines last year. Almost 20,000 drivers were caught using the lane illegally; typically, ‘concerned motorists’ are up in arms about it, although I’m not quite sure how much more easy it could be: don’t break the law, don’t get a fine. It does seem as if some cases could be genuine cock-ups, but 20,000 of them?

One thing’s for certain: that bus lane is a godsend to people who take the bus; it crawls all the way up to Kennington when there’s no lane, then flies to Oval and Vauxhall when the lane starts.

Could Camberwell have a tube station in 2009?

According to the plans, Denmark Hill is due to join up with the East London Line as Phase Two of the extension project — with Phase One not due to be completed until 2010. But according to the BBC News , the whole project is due to be completed in 2009, with the Line being shut entirely for the two previous years. Have the plans been changed? Or have the BBC got the wrong end of the stick, and only Phase One is due to be completed by then?

More transport issues

This just in from reader Ellie:

Some news about Denmark Hill train station. The Labour Party is distributing a leaflet which reveals that Network Rail are plannning to end South London Line direct services from London Bridge to London Victoria, passing through Denmark Hill!

All the details are at:

I haven’t had chance to read through this document yet, but will do today.

You can register your opposition to the plan by emailing Network Rail at: rusresponses@​networkrail.​co.​uk

Or write to them at:
National RUS Consultation Manager
Network Rail
8th Floor, 40 Melton Street
London, NW1 2EE

Now, I’ve just given the leaflet the most cursory glance (it’s 84 pages long), and the only direct reference I can find is this:

With the growing demand for capacity into  Victoria and London Bridge in the peaks,  trains need to run at maximum length  and capacity. The Victoria-London Bridge  shuttle operates as a 2‑car unit for most of  the day and as a 4‑car unit for some peak  services. These services are perceived to  be a poor use of capacity and alternatives  need to be explored.

Once I get a little spare time I’ll take a good read through and see what I can find. My wife takes the train in question to work every day and she says it’s crowded, so I can’t believe they’ll remove the service altogether.

Does anyone have a copy of the Labour Party’s leaflet? Has anyone heard more about this?

Camberwell Tube Station in 2026?

Camberwell to get a tube station in 20 years?

In an email seen by the South London Press, [Mayor Ken] Livingstone said TfL and London Underground (LU) were now “taking a 20-year look ahead”.

He said: “LU is starting to examine the potential for extending lines to serve inner South London, including areas like Camberwell.

“This could include extending the Bakerloo line from Elephant & Castle, extending the Northern line from Kennington or the Victoria line from Brixton.”

With the extension of the East London Line to Clapham Junction via Denmark Hill, that could mean a radically different Camberwell 30 years from now. Of course, they key phrase in that email is examine the potential.

Meet at the entrance nearest the automated toilet

From an email sent to reader Stuart:

The South London Press has kindly agreed to write an article on the campaign to persuade Ken Livingstone & the Government to build a tube extension & station at Camberwell. The paper wishes to take a photograph of residents in support on Camberwell Green itself next Tuesday 17th January at 9am. Please come along as it is important as many residents as possible attend so please also tell your friends and neighbours. We will meet at the entrance nearest the automated toilet.

We must stress two things at this stage first this is a community led campaign not a party political one although obviously supported by local Councillors and secondly the campaign is focused on obtaining agreement on the principle of a tube station rather than the details of where, which line, etc which can be determined later.

We hope you will agree that transport is the key to the future regeneration of Camberwell and now is the time to make as much noise as possible with investments being made for the forthcoming London Olympics in 2012.

Other aspects to the campaign (petitions, etc.) will be available in due course but please come on Tuesday to show your support to formally get the campaign off the ground.

Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr. Ian Wingfield & Cllr. Alison Moise

Perhaps a show of public support would be easier if the photograph wasn’t being taken at 9am on a Tuesday >:(