A travel guide to Camberwell

Earlier this week I encountered a group of baffled Australian tourists boarding the 343 bus on Southampton Way, and was cheered when a (possibly slightly over) friendly local actually SPOKE to them and welcomed them to London. But what this incident has revealed, other than to ignore that advice about talking to strangers, is that there is a burning need for a proper travel guide to Camberwell.

What incredible luck, then, that this year’s Camberwell Arts Festival, which starts this Saturday (16 June) has, at its heart, the intention to create exactly that! And we’re looking for local writers, photographers and artists – as well as residents who love the area – to get involved. We want the Guide to be a unique and unusual take on Camberwell by the people who know it best – and are looking for the personal, the unexpected and the quirky.

So, how do you get involved? Two ways:

1. Join us for our hands-on workshops, led by Samantha Cook and Greg Ward, travel writers for Rough Guide.

Travel writing workshop
Camberwell Library, Monday 18 June, 19:00

Travel photography workshop
Camberwell Library, Tuesday 19 June, 19:00

Pub and restaurant review workshop
The Crooked Well, Wednesday 20 June, 19:00

2.  Or email your contributions to kelly.​oreilly@​camberwellarts.​org.​uk

We can’t guarantee to include all contributions in the printed version of the Guide, but we will put all family-friendly pieces online.

But please don’t try and write a chip lovers guide to Camberwell- I’ve put many hours in to researching that one myself!

And there are plenty of other artistic happenings going on during the week. Check out www.camberwellarts.org.uk for full listings.