Revitalise Camberwell

So there was a fairly good turn out at the Camberwell meeting, about 40 local folk I reckon, including Mark & Barbara from SE5 forum for Camberwell as well as Nick Holt from Camberwell Society and Val Shawcross our local London Assembly member. There has been a lot of study over the last 5 months about how Camberwell is used – traffic, crime, noise, shops, pedestrian flows, accidents etc. All these stats have been collected by the council so that they can use the findings in future planning options for the town centre. There are no plans yet as they are still in the data collection stage but there should be three options on the table, which we will all be consulted on, in about another 5 months.

At the end of the session there were 4 workshops: Buses, wasted space, cycling and Danville Road. Perceived problems and suggested solutions where written onto maps in these four areas. The findings from this exercise along with the piles of stats will be used by planners to produce the three scheme options.

Its slow, massively bureaucratic and there is no fixed timeframe (talk of 2014 for possible delivery depending on complexity) but we are lucky in that the people working on this, Sally and her colleagues seemed to be enthusiastic and switched on. They are trying to understand the complex area and they seem to genuinely care and want it to be a success.