Saturday Night

Two more friends came over to see the flat (one of them making a return journey — only the second of our friends to do so, making us think that perhaps they don’t like it), so after a quick chicken pie (fast becoming my speciality) we went out for a few drinks in some of Camberwell’s hotspots.

First was a return to The Sun And Doves to enjoy the last few minutes of sunshine. I was a little worried that if we left it too late we wouldn’t find a table, as it always used to get packed on a Saturday night and as it has a great beer garden I thought everyone would be there. I needn’t have bothered, as the garden had a few people in it but was by no means full. We had a couple of beers there (including a wheat beer called Brug’s, which I advise you give a miss) then walked over to the Funky Munky.

After The Sun And Doves, Funky Munky was Camberwell’s second decent pub to open, sometime around 1998, I think. It has the bare wooden floor and tables which are de rigeur for any self-respecting bar nowadays, and a decent selection of beers. The bar used to run along the long east wall, but at some point in the last few years been moved to the north. There is a second bar upstairs which also has space to dance, but was closed when we were there (at about 10.30pm).

Again we easily found a table. The music was turned up and the lights down low, but there was still a lack of animation in the place. The wife and I went there a few times when we were in the area looking for a flat, and it seems to be pretty calm and comfortable. Still, we were looking for a little more life and so moved on.

I figured the BRB would be more lively as they have a DJ there on weekends. I was wrong. As we walked in there were about ten people there, excluding staff. We tried to play a game of table football (too dark, couldn’t see the ball — that’s why I lost) then tried to have a conversation, but despite the bar being 80% empty the music was up to 180% volume. It was absurdly noisy.

We could have tried Cube or Red Star, but instead went home. Saturday night was cancelled due to lack of interest.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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