Haircuts and fresh food

This morning I went to get my haircut at Cube (23 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8TR). When I lived and worked in Camberwell before there was a hairdresser in the same location called Kut Klose, so the name ‘Cube’ is a big improvement. Don’t know if it’s got anything to do with the Cube Bar.

Anyway, like Kut Klose there is no appointment system in Cube. Turn up, wait, have a hair cut. Or, in my case, turn up and have a hair cut — no waiting. The guy who cut it was very efficient, no chit-chat (it’s too early for that) and did it just how I asked. £15 for a wash and cut, I was pretty satisfied.

After leaving there I went to Wing Tai, the Chinese supermarket on Denmark Hill. I think this is the same Wing Tai that had (or still has) a unit in the Aylesham Centre in Peckham. They sell loads of vegetables and ingredients and, more excitingly, fresh fish. I’m an absolute sucker for fish so I was salivating before I’d even put my order in. A thick cut of Salmon and a pound of big Prawns, for £7.60. Awesome value, and I can’t wait until the wife gets home so we can eat Camarão Alho e Oleo.

One thing Camberwell lacks is a butcher. I passed Kennedys Sausages a little further down the road, but they just had sausages and pies. They looked OK, but if I want meat I’ll have to go to Somerfield (or Peckham). Chalk one up to the supermarket giants.

On my way back I dropped in to Sophocles to buy some Ciabatta and the little greengrocers next door (I forget the name right now, but the owners are a couple of old Greek (or Cypriot) men who are always very friendly) to buy some vegetables. We’re going to eat super-well today.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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  1. Hi

    Kennedy’s have been around since 1857 (I think) and boasted the “Best among the Best”

    Bet they are still sold out by 3pm! The one thing you can be certain of is their sausages and pies were probably made the morning you saw them being delivered. Unlike supermarkets where they have lain on a shelf in packets for days and probably weeks.

    By the way they were made up the road from you and are a local industry. Might be a good idea to support them.

    Yes I am biased! But live too far away to enjoy that delicacy which only Kennedy’s can produce .

    Sorry for the lateness of my email but doing some research of my own. I see yours was posted in October 2004

  2. Please relay to James Kennedy. Kennedys sausages are te best in the world, and I’m a very fussy eater. Am concerned that the Beckenham Kennedys looked permanently closed when we drove by last weekend. I hope you haven’t literally “sold out” as if you have your formula/recipe needs patenting.

  3. My wife, a former resident of the Bromley area, has not been able to live without Kennedy’s sausages. She was practically brought up on them since she was a toddler, and, even now, we have to make a regular trip from deepest Sussex to West Wickham to renew our stocks. We do have some really good sausage makers in this area, but there is nothing to compare with Kennedy’s. When grilled there is virtually no moisture or rubbish left in the pan, proving that the sausage is totally pure and wholesome. They retain their shape and don’t frazzle away to nothing. It is lovely dealing with a really old fashioned company — no credit cards accepted — and you get to speak to real people on the phone when ordering, without having to weather a barrage of“menus” or recorded messages. I’m told the shops haven’t changed much since my wife dodged the bombs in the 2nd World War to get her supplies. It would be a national tragedy if this organisation were to fold up or sell out to the developers, and I sincerely hope the Beckenham shop is not closing down for good, or that there is the remotest possibility of the other shops following that fate.
    If 1857 was the date the company was established, then surely we should all be celebrating their 150th anniversary. Come on Bromley, Camberwell. Croydon, West Wickham, Beckenham et al, how about a street party, or at least a barbeque, to honour your greatest asset. But make sure you get your order in before lunchtime!

  4. so excited! my mum used to live in crystal palace and always brought down a couple of pounds of kennedys sausages to us here in rochester, kent. well, today we visited the borough market and did a diversion to camberwell and JOY! still there, kennedys shop. cant wait for supper tonight and not sure how long the 5lbs i’ve frozen will remain in the freezer. They certainly wont go to the bottom and get forgotten! Staff were really friendly and packed several pounds separately for various friends and family. Thanks so much. I wonder if they do mail order?

  5. kennedys sausages:
    get your orders in,they are to close the doors for the final time on the 22/12/07
    by the way they were estd 1877,and boasted first among the best.

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