Finally, some real news

Quite a lot of SE5 related stuff to tell, so I’ll split it into two posts and you’ll have to excuse me if it’s a bit rushed. I cut my finger on a tin of tuna today so it hurts to type.

Yesterday I bought a copy of the Southwark News as it promised a big story about the Grove Lane development. Finally I’ve got a handle on what it is — but, stupidly, I left the paper on the bus last night so I can’t tell all the details. OK, I was drunk.

Mary Datchelor school

Anyway, seems that St George want to build over 100 apartments on the existing site, not including the tennis courts, and including converting the existing school building (see photo). I’ve just found the planning brief (in pdf format) on Southwark Council’s website. The objection by local groups seems to be threefold:

  1. The development will be built over green space and involve cutting down 20 trees
  2. The buildings will be up to five stories and block some views
  3. There will be too many flats in a small area

St George’s response is:

  1. The green space is already tarmacced over, and their redevlopment will creat green space
  2. They won’t be any taller than existing buildings
  3. No there won’t

Based on what I’ve read, I have some sympathy for St George on points one and two, but I have to say that I think the number of flats they want to put into that small area seems unreasonable. It will be crowded, and it will cause congestion.

I don’t know enough about the whole issue yet, but I’m currently on the side of the residents.

Also in the newspaper was the news that the BBC are filming episodes of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries on New Church Road, and the most dangerous street in Camberwell is Allendale Close, because of it’s lack of lighting. Steer clear.

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5 thoughts on “Finally, some real news”

  1. no probs with five storeys, most of the georgian stuff on c.grove is that height. more interested in the look of it — was there a picture in the newspaper? st george, if you didn’t realise, are responsible for the architectural abomination that’s going up in vauxhall, the pink and green one with stupid roofs. jonathan glancey famously said it looks like something out of ceaucescu’s romania —,1169,670961,00.html

  2. I haven’t seen any pictures of the proposed development so far; there’s nothing on the St George website, and I haven’t seen it on Southwark Council’s (although I’ll admit that I haven’t searched properly).

    I can’t imagine they’d be stupid enough to build glass and steel monstrosities in Camberwell (which perhaps shows how limited my imagination is); perhaps something like the new development on Peckham Road?

  3. no i don’t think they’d be that stupid, but st george are also well known for their dire, faux-georgian apartment blocks in “sensitive” areas. tacky B&Q coachlamps ahoy!

    you’d think southwark would put it on their website, wouldn’t you? so that people who, like, work during the daytime could see the drawings? hmm, there’s a bitterness there.

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