Winter, feeling Autumnal

This morning I went to get my hair cut at Cube. I’ve been growing it for a while so it was a decent length on top, and I wanted just the sides and back cut short. The hairdresser cut it all short. It’s a nice cut, but it wasn’t what I wanted. But I actually really like it, so maybe she knows better than I do — but I’m still annoyed she didn’t listen to me. Confusing.

While out I took some pictures of a few places, which I’m storing in this Flickr set. My wife has gone to Barcelona with the good camera, so excuse the poor quality of some of these.

I went to Duraty to buy a beard trimmer/shaver, but they didn’t stock it so I bought one in the Butterfly Pharmacy (17 Butterfly Walk, SE5 8RP), then I dropped into Wordsworth Books to buy… um, some books. The girl behind the counter was saying to her colleague “I love this bookshop!”, and that made me love it too. Enthusiastic staff and good service is worth the couple of extra pounds I pay by not buying from, or whatever.

St Giles church

On my way back I took a walk through St Giles churchyard (pictured) and Lucas Gardens to kick the leaves around and look at the squirrels. I’m sure they’d usually be hibernating by now, but this winter’s been really mild so far. They are all fat and fluffy. I looked for the white squirrel, but couldn’t see him. Oh, wait; I haven’t spoken about the white squirrel yet, have I?

Author: Peter

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4 thoughts on “Winter, feeling Autumnal”

  1. thought i was tripping the first time i saw him (or her), about half way up camberwell grove. if you’ve seen it him/her in the churchyard, he/she gets about a bit…

  2. i was very impressed with the butterfly chemist in camberwell. my friend told me it was a mini aladins cave with good service and they are very polite and helpfull. i am now a regular shopper there. very hard to walk out without been tempted. their range of perfumes,put to the test was very large and varied. i understand they have been seving perfumes for such a long time that they where aware of many that no longer exsit.

  3. Hi

    I am doing an “area profile” on Camberwell for the Evening Standard’s Homes & Properties section. Wondered if you would be interested in being featured. If so, please email me back with your details and a good time to phone. Hope to hear from you.
    Alex Kasriel

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