Afore I go a‑wandering

I went back to The Phoenix on Sunday for a quick couple of beers with a mate, and a second blackout in Shenley Road forced me out there again last night. It’s my new favourite pub in Camberwell, mainly because of reasonably-priced Leffe on tap.

Last night we ate there; I ordered a chicken & tarragon sandwich on focaccia bread, with potato wedges and sweet chilli sauce. When it arrived it wasn’t on focaccia bread and the sauce wasn’t sweet chilli, but it was pretty tasty anyway. My wife had pork & leek sausages and mash, which was about as good as I make at home. It was good pub fare, nothing exceptional, perhaps slightly overpriced (about £7 for the sausage and mash, if I remember correctly).

I picked up a copy of the Camberwell Quarterly the other day; lead article was on the Grove Lane development (now cancelled), also had a small feature about joyriding and burned-out cars in Burgess Park and a possible redevelopment of Butterfly Walk to make more retail units.

Now I’m off on holiday; back on February 5. Please don’t burgle my flat.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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