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Blake House, the first place my wife and I ate at after moving to Camberwell, has closed down. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m a little saddened. It was a nice venue, spacious and well-furnished, and the restaurant upstairs was really comfortable. But… the food was fairly pricey for the small portion you received. We went there a second time and the upstairs restaurant was closed, and there was a tiny selection of beers. I think Camberwell just doesn’t have the market yet for places that’ll charge you £14 and leave you hungry.

We went there infrequently (but then, we don’t go out anywhere frequently) but it was nice to know it was there and we could go if we wanted to. Hopefully it’ll reopen as a more moderately-priced restaurant, because it’s a good location and a good venue. While I’m in the mood for making wishes, I hope that the former ‘4 Real We’re D Best’ building is converted into a Japanese restaurant, because I love Japanese food and don’t want to have to go to Brixton to eat it.

In response to a comment in a previous post, I took a walk past The Bickleigh Arms (70 Vestry Road SE5 8NX) to find out if it’s being converted or just redecorated. Evidence suggests the latter; it looks like one room is receiving a paint job while the other stays open (and then maybe vice versa). I don’t expect most readers to know The Bickleigh Arms; it’s a pretty regular local boozer. Never been in there, maybe I never will. Unless this redecoration job makes it really sweet and they have free pool every night.

I had lunch at Tadim today. It was good and tasty. I have more to write about; later.

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