A tale of three libraries

A quick update to my previous post.

Camberwell Library is only closed for refurbishment; it will open again in mid-April. That’s good news; maybe they will actually have some new books as well.

But what has closed down is the Apollo video library on Camberwell New Road. The old video library on Coldharbour Lane (that I can’t remember the name of) closed down recently, so that only leaves the small selection in a shop on Camberwell Church Street. Where do people in Camberwell rent their DVDs from? I get mine sent through the post, but surely not everyone does that. Does everyone go to the Blockbuster in Peckham? Or do people just not rent anymore?

Author: Peter

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8 thoughts on “A tale of three libraries”

  1. Yes, it was full of crap. I think it had something like a 70–30 VHS-DVD ratio, which is poor. Maybe they are splitting the shop; it was all closed down when I went past on the bus.

  2. I get my DVD’s from Peckham Library .. it’s a lot cheaper and they have a better range. I’m not keen on Apollo or Blockbuster — especially as Blockbuster in Peckham is 90% nasty video games and soft porn.

  3. I did speak to those in Camberwell Library before it closed. Allegedly just a refurb and a new facade out front — which it does need!

    No expansion, or new books etc unfortunately. Or DVDs, which I agree they are rather limited on…

  4. the new sign for camberwell library is shit. you’d think they’d draw some inspiration from its trendy big brother in peckham. a lost opportunity. mmmmmmmm

  5. My friends and I have been frequenting Star Video on the Walworth Rd, no. 314 near to pizza hut… ‘the oldest and largest video library in the country’. Tel. 0207 703 5846. Plenty of choice.. folders by genre and good deals like 5 dvd for a fiver for 5 days. Chek it

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