London’s best pub?

The Castle has made it into the finals of the Evening Standard Pub of the Year award. I’ve only been there a couple of times, and only for the late license, but I was really impressed with it and I keep intending to go back there at a more reasonable hour, but never do.

Anyway, you can vote for it by buying a copy of the paper (I don’t recommend that), printing a form and sending it by post or by sending a text message with the code ES01 and your name (eg ‘ES01 cam burwel’) to 86025 (there’s only a 25p charge for that). You could win £500 to spend there (don’t forget to invite me if you do), boost Camberwell’s profile and reward the staff and management of a decent boozer.

On the subject of boozers, the Redstar (319 Camberwell New Road, SE5 0HQ) has a special guest DJ on Friday, April 1 (assuming it’s not a joke): former Happy Mondays spare part now ‘reformed’ drug muncher, Bez. I’ve never been to Redstar and I’m not a great fan of talentless has-beens, but if that’s your cup of tea then get yourself down there.

Why doesn’t Camberwell have a videogames shop?

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21 thoughts on “London’s best pub?”

  1. can’t comment. the sad fact is that if like me you have a young child, pubs and bars become strange places that all your friends go to to have fun, and stuff, in all their free time.

    why aren’t there many babysitters in camberwell?

  2. The Sun and Doves is also child-friendly as is the Rye Hotel on Peckham Rye — I know it’s Peckham not Camberwell but it looked quite good for kids on a Sunday.

  3. Formerly referred to locally as the ‘Gun and Doves’, but I think that was before its makeover. Been in there a couple of times with the nipper and yeah, it’s fine — good garden, decent food. Don’t think of it as being in Camberwell for some reason.

  4. Coldharbour Lane after the Sun & Doves belongs to Brixton. I’m claiming the SE5 part.

    BRB/The Grove seems to let children in; at least, I’ve seen them in there while watching football.

  5. Hmm. For a pub to be child-friendly in my book, it needs to at least have a no-smoking section… now I’ve really shown myself up haven’t I?

  6. The Sun and Doves is a good child friendly pub, they have a very nice beer garden and it’s never been that smoky when i’ve been there — and even better from the point of view of the childless among us they have a zero tolerance policy towards obnoxiously loud and badly behaved kids.

  7. the word on the street is that blake’s house was shut down because it was a front for drug money-laundering. can anyone verify?

  8. by the way, camberwell looks like it may shortly get a cool modern building next to the town hall. the architects’ practice designing it sounds like a firm of solicitors but they’re very good. check:

    it’s there under “doing”, called “southwark child development centre”.

  9. re: 11 I wish they’d do that to some of the horrors in East Dulwich Sainsburys!! — no they just have a notice asking parents to keep their children under control as it is after all a bar not a creche — not unreasonable i think!

  10. ummm no not anytime in the next decade no!! I like kids well enough but i find the noisy, free range middle class Jeremy and Jemina’s a little too irksome to cope with when attempting to negotiate Sainsburys on a Sunday morning.

  11. it’s the people who wander round the aisles sipping their tall skinny mocha frappucinos who really ought to be thrown out.

  12. Well yes them too!! and while we’re about it people who feel the need to go shopping in a 4 wheel drive and nearly run me over in the car park when i’m struggling to the bus stop.

  13. On an entirely different note. “The Castle” didn’t win. Boo. It lost out to some pub outside of Camberwell. We was robbed.

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