Oh my gosh

Twice! Twice my fucking browser’s crashed on me while I’m at the arse-end of a post with lots of links. Argh! Think yourselves very lucky to be reading this post, as I could have given up.

*Breathes out while slowly counting to ten*

So, I made a very exciting discovery yesterday: Camberwell has more than one celebrity resident (not including reader Guy Gooberman and his appearance on Heartbeat). That’s not exciting because I’m some Heat-obsessed secretary whose mundane life is only lightened by second-hand revelations about the behaviour of third-rate actors and musicians, but because the newly-discovered residents are people I actually like: Basement Jaxx.

I thought they were Brixton-based, but turns out they’re not. They started their career in Camberwell, and now live here. They’ve even written songs with Camberwell themes: Camberwell Skies, I Live In Camberwell and Camberskank. The latter two are available on the limited edition of their Singles CD, or for download from RecordStore.co.uk. The former can be downloaded from KarmaDownloads.com.

But so happy am I to bathe in the reflected glory of our cool co-habitees, I’m going to offer one of their songs for download here for free. It’s in WMA format (take that, iPod owners), 128k encoding (if that means anything to you), and strictly for a limited time only. Please right-click and choose ‘Save As’ rather than streaming online. If you like it, please consider buying other material from them.

Here it is: Camberskank — as the name suggests, a Jamaican-influenced dancefloor stormer. Nominally themed around Camberwell. Enjoy.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

4 thoughts on “Oh my gosh”

  1. Don’t see them in Safefields/Morriways/Somersons though, do you? Former python Terry Jones lives, or at least used to live, on Camberwell Grove.

  2. basement jaxx can only go up in my estimation due to their camberwell roots, they are indeed ace. i read an interview with them a couple of years ago and they mentioned the white woman of camberwell. i also spotted (in true heat-sleb-spot fashion) felix-jaxx cycling past ed’s cafe (!) anyway just discovered your blog and wanted to say hurrah that someone else likes camberwell as much as i do.

  3. Is it really necessary to swear in your correspondence it does nothing for you descriptive effort and only seems to demain what you have to say

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