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I’m not sure if I just hadn’t noticed it before, but I think there’s a huge new poster on the corner of Camberwell New Road and Denmark Hill. It’s currently advertising a mobile phone and it’s absolutely massive and very ugly. I’ll try to remember to get a picture. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before, it must be new. What an eyesore.

I’m thinking of setting up a competition: spot a cutomer in the Grosvenor Steak House (44 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8QZ). In the six years (on and off) I’ve lived or worked in Camberwell I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eating there — just the bored owner, reading a newspaper. According to this review it’s “a gem that should not be lost due to lack of support”, but if it’s managed to stay open for at least ten years without any customers, I don’t think it’s in any danger of closing just yet.

Finally, there’s a little debate/talking shop about regeneration across our part of the SE in the comments of my post from 26 March. Contains plenty of nuggets of information, and will be expanded upon in a future post.

Really finally, if you haven’t eaten pizza at BRB/The Grove yet, you’ve missed a treat. I recommend the Chilli Chicken, but I do not recommend you go on Tuesday nights for their 2‑for‑1 offer, because that means it will get very busy and make it harder for me to get a table if I go there.

Author: Peter

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8 thoughts on “Random thought round-up”

  1. I would make another spurious claim about how the Grosvenor Steak House is a front for drug money-laundering, but I’m not sure how it would launder money without any customers.

  2. i noticed that billboard being constructed a couple of weeks ago. meant to take some photos before it changed camberwell green for good. saw a man working up on it today. they have to have little platforms nowadays. like little buildings hanging off walls.

  3. you need planning permission for signs like that, so southwark must have approved it. there was a billboard there before, though.

  4. Regarding the billboard. I too noticed it and checked the southwark planning register, to see if it had been granted planning approval. No planning permission seems to have been filed, or granted. I have e‑mailed southwark planning office about it, asking if there has been any kind of planning law infringement, but so far they have not bothered to reply.
    If anyone else wants to try, you can e‑mail them at planning@​southwark.​gov.​uk

  5. Grosvenor Steak House. I’ve had excatly the same thoughts, couldn’t work out how they were staying in business, but assumed they got in there on some extremely low long term lease in the mid 70’s and haven’t been kicked out. I saw one person eating in there once in the 7 years I’ve been living in Camberwell/Peckham, but I think from the body language of the ‘Waiter’ the customer may in fact have been another member of ‘staff;.

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