Crime and repentance

Last night’s Evening Standard splash boards featured ‘CAMBERWELL SHOP OWNER SHOT IN RAID’ headlines; my newsagent was sold out, so I searched their website: nothing. So I searched Google News: nothing. ICSouthLondon: nothing. What’s going on? There was no police presence around Camberwell Green, so it must have happened elsewhere. Anyone have any clues?

The search did throw up this story of local artist Mark McGowan (as featured in a recent post). He was doing a project in which he claimed he was keying cars and then photographing them, only it seems to have upset a lot of people and he’s now revealed it was all a hoax. I still prefer paintings.

Stop Press: Just found this story on the BBC. The attempted robbery took place at Presco on Southampton Way which, if I’m not mistaken, is regular reader Guy Gooberman’s patch.

The offender demanded cash before shooting one member of staff in the groin. One worker then hit the suspect over the head.

Sounds a little slapstick to me.

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12 thoughts on “Crime and repentance”

  1. Luckily I’m in Nottingham acting, rather than going into Presco to buy some pesto and Ben & Jerry’s. Bloody hell, that’s my local shop…although to be honest I prefer Costcutter across the way.

  2. That is my local shop too. And, like Guy, i prefer Costcutter… Suppose 24-hour shops do run the risk of these things though?

    Regarding the Mark McGowan stunt to highlight the plight of car vandalism. This does seem all too evident in Camberwell. I‘m not sure if it is a current yoof trend or not, but keying cars seems to be the bottom level of this. A worse problem is car window smashing, for fun…

    Although it occurs everywhere in Camberland, i was recently up at Denmark Hill station and saw a 30+year old guy smashing a car window there… and, looking at the amount of glass on the road there it happens a lot… There is currently a lot of boarding up there, i guess it is well hidden for vandals/thiefs… so watch out if you park near there…

  3. no yellow sign to mark the event yet. hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of 24 hour service. at three in the morning the fluorescent glow of presco shines down havil street. knowing someone else is around makes your drunken stagger home feel that little bit safer (and its convenient for confectionary).

    if we’re talking shops or hybrid shop/factory — the bakery (between happy valley chinese and costcutter) is the best in my book. walking into the hive of industry with flour on the floor and dough by the till, is the highlight of my routine saturday morning stroll for breakfast and the paper.

    happy valley is the best chinese in the world.

  4. The area ain’t ‘hot’ as one not-to-be-named person said, it’s fine. I agree with you Milo about the glow of Presco when I stumble home and the bakery is the best. Cheeks, you should do a feature on it!

  5. Surely Southmapton way is Peckham not Camberwell anyway? Although i’m usually the first to defend South east London against accusations of it being a “no go area” Southampton Way does seem a little bit dodgy .. there was a shoot out and then a fire at Pharoahs at the end of Southampton way last year and i remember about a year ago being very late for a Saturday afternoon meeting cos my bus was diverted after someone got shot on Southampton Way.

  6. i’d say peckham begins where southampton way meets peckham road. everything east of there is peckham.….or camberham.….…

  7. Hey sorry Guy!! I accept that living at the top of Coldharbour Lane as i do, i’m in no position to comment on the dodgyness of someone elses manor!

  8. Thank you for opening a wonderfully new sight..I wish you the best of luck with your new venture.

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