Kalimera, kyria Camberwell

A quick mention of Camberwell in this piece in The Guardian about Old Kent Road. I thought it’s description of Camberwell as ‘Little Cyprus’ a little odd, until I really thought about it; Sophocles bakery, Vineyard taverna, Cruson greengrocers, the olive oil shop further down Camberwell Church Street, and of course the Greek Orthodox church (305 Camberwell New Road, SE5 0TF).

In fact, now I’m just a little surprised that Tadim managed to thrive.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

5 thoughts on “Kalimera, kyria Camberwell”

  1. not forgetting the “cypriot centre” on mary datchelor place, next to your old favourite, bee’s auto bits. if sitting around all day playing cards and smoking is your thing, check it out. old skool.

  2. Of course, the Cypriot Centre. That used to be a Brazilian restuarant, many years ago. I miss that place; it’s where I first ate shark.

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