11 thoughts on “Find the house of Eclair”

  1. I can’t be sure but I think it is on Grove Lane just past the George Canning on the other side of the road.

  2. Got a sneaking suspicion, not wishing to sound like some kind of Camberwell based celebrity stalker, which I clearly am, that the house is on ‘the Denmark hill side’ of Grove Lane/Dog Kennel Hill, near Stories Road, just about here, if the link works.
    At least, that’s my guess. It can only be confirmed by hanging around outside long enough and waiting to see who comes out, but then that would be pushing my stalking into a whole new area.

  3. yup. you can’t miss it. it’s got a roller parked outside. didn’t know it was for them though. 10 out of 10, it’s outstanding.

  4. My gosh, that’s just around the corner from me; I’ll have to go and check it out. Gareth, I nominate you as our local celebrity expert.

  5. her old house is on brunswick villas, do i get any trainspotting points for that?

  6. Don’t see why not. And whilst we’re talking about celebrities, I think I ommitted the fact that furry-moustached BBC News reporter Jeremy Bowen lives, or at least, lived, at the bottom of Grove Road according to my ‘sources’. He regularly appeared ‘down the road’ at the Peckham farmer’s market on Sunday morning. I’m sure his experience of reporting from the war-torn Middle East stood him in good stead ushering his family down Peckham Road.

  7. To add to the fqamous camberwell residents quoat either Adam Buxton or Joe Cornish(not sure which one) (Channel 4 Comedians and Xfm DJ’s) lives in Camberwell (obviously not quite as good as Jeremy Bowen!!) I also frequently see John Pinaar (ITN policts chap) around Camberwell and East Dulwich

  8. Another one to add is of course Mr Terry Jones. I’ve seen him at the mini-recycling spot on McNeil Rd. Not sure where he lives though.

  9. … or like Compton but with a few nice middle class types like us. Only joking.

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