Looking back, over my shoulder

So now I’m back from outer space, I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face.

First point of business after a long trip back from the USA was a shorter trip, this time to the excellent Tadim for brunch. I think the staff in there are pissed off with me because I can never remember the name of the dish I want; it’s the rolled up bread with minced lamb and vegetables inside. I always ask the name, make a half-hearted attempt to pronounce it, then promptly forget it. This time, the waitress told me to call it ‘Turkish Pizza’, which is good enough.

Now to rake over some old coals.

A comment from reader Gareth Bellamy has solved a minor mystery for me; a mystery I completely forgot to blog: why does the Vineyard taverna have a picture of Lorraine Chase in their front window? I had considered the angle that she was a celebrity visitor, but they usually just get their photos on the wall; as Mr Bellamy points out, this is more like a shrine.

To settle a little (dispute?) query in this post, Southampton Way qualifies as Camberwell because it’s got an SE5 postcode (at least in part).

And to reader Ben Patio, who requested child-friendly pubs in Camberwell: I went to the Sun & Doves a couple of Sundays ago (when it was sunny) to have lunch in the garden; there were loads of families there, and the staff seemed very happy to have them there. They also served me a fantastic steak and guiness pie.

Hope that will do for now, in the absence of any real news.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

5 thoughts on “Looking back, over my shoulder”

  1. that’s odd, i was there a couple of sundays ago. if there was an 18 month girl causing chaos and a harassed-looking father there when you were, it was my daughter and I. service was dreadful though, they were caught on the hop by the nice weather.

  2. That was almost certainly the weekend I was there, as it was that sudden and unexpected sunny Sunday. No particular naughty child stood out for me, though.

  3. Can I also say thanks for defending Southmapton Way as Camberwell, cuz it is, the dividing line runs down Havil Street and I’m on the Camberwell side.

  4. once our friends arrived, there were a number of naughty children running around, it has to be said.

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