The post that almost wasn’t

I went to see the dentist today (Camberwell Dental Care, 6 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8QU). As I sat in the waiting room a rat-faced youth dressed head to toe in denim stuck his head around the door and had a quick look around, then left. Two minutes later there was a commotion; the guy had walked into a surgery and stolen a patient’s mobile while he was having work done. He escaped across Camberwell Green.

By the way, if you need a dentist I can recommend this one. Pros: the doctors (at least, my doctor) are very calm and put you at ease; it’s NHS, so you won’t pay through the nose. Cons: It’s a little shabby in some rooms (although not half as shabby as my previous dentist in Camberwell); it’s NHS, so your appointment can be delayed for around half an hour or so. Still, NHS dentists are hard to come by, and it does emergencies.

Walking back home gave me an opportunity to have a nose around the shops; the former 4 Sure We’re D Best African Restaurant building is being completely refitted; early stages, but could be promising for a new bar/cafe/restaurant. Also, the former Bee’s Auto Parts is definitely being refitted too; more likely to be shop premises, this one. I have a sinking feeling it will be another off-licence.

Seems like there’s a lot of development going on around the Warner Road area; the bus garage is expanding (perhaps why the petrol station closed?) at one end, while there are 20 new flats planned on the site of the (former) Rose & Thistle at the other. Anyone with any planning knowledge heard anything about this?

This post almost never got published; my laptop bluescreened twice while I was writing it. Thank god I saved after the first time.

Author: Peter

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5 thoughts on “The post that almost wasn’t”

  1. Bees autobits — off licence is not too bad…another chicken place would be disastrous…

    By the way — there is another restaurant about to open near Pizza Napolitana on Camberwell Road. Temporary sign at the moment says ‘exotic restaurant to open‘… could be interesting…

    Nice to see regeneration is happening and new places are moving into the places closing down though.

  2. I think there may be some causal link between the number of competing off-licences in a small area and the availability of White Lightning to street drinkers at 8am…

    I noticed that restaurant sign last week and forgot to mention it; let’s hope ‘exotic’ means ‘tasty’. I still think a decent Japanese is in order.

    And yes, I’m happy about the regeneration too; but there are still more places closing than opening.

  3. interesting to hear about the plans for the bus garage as i live just off Warner Rd, hopefully they’ll tidy the area up a bit too. I hadn’t heard anything about planned new flats on Warner Rd — possibly cos the Rose and thistle is still very much current!

  4. probably not! It’s a pretty grotty pub but popular with the residents of the Crawford Estate. Recently they seem to have made an effort to clean it up a bit, put on some live music at the weekends and put some benches outside etc.. which is why i was surprised to read your post.

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