13 thoughts on “I Heart Peckham”

  1. Yuk. By the way, another Camberwell casualty… looks like the Red Star is closing down [have you mentioned this already?]

  2. Not surprised, Redstar has been looking a little moribund for a while — you’ve got to worry when a bar doesn’t change broken windows for months at a time. Well here’s hoping someone takes it over and turns it into a good venue.

  3. I reckon the old folk in the Home next door are pleased, they can get some decent sleep now.

  4. I remember some good nights in Red Star’s sister (or should that be brother) venue in Brixton, Dog Star… Perhaps it’s all a bit too 1990s now 😉

  5. I think it has got a lot more local distinctiveness than many of the homogenized, bland suburbanized high streets in other parts of London (and the rest of the UK for that matter). Market days on Rye Lane in particular. And where else would you get the Dog Fancy Dress day?

  6. I like Peckham Rye; fresh fish, meat, vegetables… were it not for the immigrant communities’ influence, it would be Just Another British High Street.

  7. Don’t think the Red Star is closing just yet unless they have invited Andy Bell (Erasure) along for their farewell party on Sept 9th. By the way I saw Jenny Eclair outside the BRB last week, having a drink and a ciggie, she looked well happy.

  8. Redstar isn’t closing down. Still open every Friday & Saturday night and yes, Andy Bell (Erasure) will be DJ-ing on Friday September 9th and more of that to come too!

  9. What about the real social issues of crime, reinforced poverty and lack of sustainement of basic social and economic needs of the politcally powerless. Why do we avoid these issues?

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