Catching the worm

I woke early today because the sun was flooding my bedroom, so I decided to walk to Vauxall station to catch my train, rather than take the bus. I took my camera because there are a few buildings along Camberwell New Road I wanted to photograph, but I left the house a little later than planned so ended up not taking any. That was a pretty pointless little story.

Anyway, two things I did see this morning; first, the area around Daneville Road and the car park at the rear of Butterfly Walk was sealed off with police tape and there was a PC standing guard. Can’t find anything in the news so far; anyone heard anything? I remember that Allendale Close was named the most dangerous street in the area last year, so perhaps something’s gone on there.

Second, it seems the former Blake House/Kerfield has been bought by Punch Taverns who, if I’m not mistaken, own The Phoenix. Judging by the notice on the window they’ve applied for the same hours as The Castle; to midnight Sunday to Thursday, 2am Friday and Saturday. So we can expect to enjoy good beer and crappy food until later, then. Not sure how the residents of Grove Lane will take it.

Finally, a quick thanks to everyone who has joined the Camberwell SE5 Flickr group. There are some fantastic images in there; please keep them coming.

Update: Here’s why Daneville Road was sealed off: Man hacked to death in front of shoppers.

Author: Peter

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4 thoughts on “Catching the worm”

  1. Sorry further update, after looking round the punch pubs site, but they are also offering a job and refurbishment of the Prince of Wales in Knatchbull Rd.

  2. Good work, Detective Rachel. I’ll leave the link as it is for now, because that page will probably disappear soon and that would leave me with a broken link. But good work, anyway.

    As I recall, Blake House didn’t have much in the way of beer on tap, mostly bottles — and often, not many of those. They seemed to be struggling since the day they opened — hence Ben Patio’s wild accusation of drug laundering.

    Sounds like Punch Taverns are going all-out for the SE5 region, eh?

  3. re: “…hence Ben Patio’s wild accusation of drug laundering…”

    I will admit that the source of this information later said that “someone down the pub had told him”.

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