Mad Cow

More news on the machete attack outside McDonalds on Denmark Hill from the BBC and the Times.

Update: The Observer and The Sun (with a typically sensationalist headline) also report, although neither really adds any detail to what we already know.

Update: Machete murder — man arrested

Update: Biggs suspect released after fruitless ID parade

Author: Peter

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4 thoughts on “Mad Cow”

  1. I was asked if i saw anything by a load of police on my way home last night — i hadn’t but i always feel slightly guilty when the police ask me these things like i migh accidentally lie.

  2. Just got back from me to discover this, sadly I’m moving out of Camberwell on the 11th September and moving to East London.

    I shall miss Camberwell dearly and thanks Cheeks for being a source of Camberwell facts to a nervy new resident.

  3. We live right next door in Kerfield Place and saw 4 guys apparently ‘patrolling’ our street on Tuesday morning — one of them brandishing a large baseball bat. Vigilantes at 7 in the morning?

    Worrying, too!

    Anyway, we don’t seem to have the machete in our garden 🙂

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