Prehistoric art

The Microcosmographia exhibit at the South London Gallery sounds interesting:

Prehistoric reptiles, gigantic mammals and live piranhas are among the curiosities used in the work of American contemporary artist, Mark Dion, in… ‘Microcosmographia’.

Dion is known for his eclectic projects both within and outside galleries. In the Gallery, huge creatures and fantastic visions from the natural world are used to explore the evolution of natural history while in the SLG’s Secret Garden, Dion will make a new site-specific and evolving commission for the SLG.

The centre piece of the exhibition will be a life-sized replica of a beached prehistoric aquatic reptile, known as Ichthyosaur, with relics from the history of the natural sciences spilling from its belly.

Now that’s my kind of art. I’m off on holiday for a week from Saturday, but I’ll remember to check it out when I get back.

Author: Peter

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8 thoughts on “Prehistoric art”

  1. I’ve had an update from Southwark Council today (06/10/05), on the illegal advertising hoarding on the junction of Camberwell Green:

    “…The Council has now served Section 11 under (the London Local Authorities Act 1995) on 08/08/05 requesting its removal by the 5th September 05.

    Because it was observed yesterday to be still in situ, next course of action will be to commission an appointed contract to have the said hoarding removed from the land. The tendering process is underway and I envisage the hoarding will be removed within next few weeks.”

  2. More developments — a planning application has been put in for 141 flats with A3 (ie commercial) space on the ground floor on Camberwell station Road. Seems like a lot more people for the 36 bus!

  3. It may sound like good news that Southwark are planning to demolish the Aylesbury, but many residents are against it as they now this means the privatisation of a whole chunk of council housing and the destruction of their community.

    Let’s not forget that they had a democratic ballot on the transfer of the estate to an ALMO a few years ago and voted to keep it with the council. The problem is of course that the land it’s on is very valuable and the council wants to leverage the property value by selling off chunks privately and tranferring the rest to ‘social landlords’. Ultimately this means the social cleansing of the area and the gradual yuppification of everything between E&C and Camberwell.

    If it is going to go ahead then I hope they use the Elmington Estate near to me as a model — that seems to have been done very well with a lot of consideration for the residents and the retention of most of the council housing. And the new estate looks pretty good too.

  4. As someone who lives in the new Elmington regeneration development, I certainly hope that they do no not repeat the same horror story that went on here.

    The building work was YEARS beyond schedule. Meanwhile people were left to rot in derelict builings whilst Southwark Council refused to carry out essential repairs.

    The flats are jerry built, and have no soundproofing. You can hear every footstep, every cough, every sneeze, woken up by your neighbour’s alarm clock, or listening to your neighbour’s phone. And you even know about every trip they make to the toilet. How’s that for “good design”? Those architects deserve a jail sentence, not some stupid prize.

    My experience of regeneration was putting up with 5 years of blight, living in a derelict tower block and not being safe in my own home as I was one of the last to move out and was targetted by every nutter, criminal and feral squatter in the area.

    After going through all that, I ended up living in a jerry-built sound box.

    I gave up my home for the Elmington regeneration project. It’s been nothing but a nightmare, and it’s still going on, living inside this drum. You wan’t to know about” good design”? You won’t find it here.

    That’s the REAL lesson the people from the Aylesbury and Heygate need to learn. Don’t believe the hype.

  5. To the people of the Heygate and Aylesbury — this is a warning.

    I live on the new Elmington Estate too, next to my neighbour ‘angry’. We hate it. We were promised the earth. Southwark Council promised us good sound proofing. Instead, we have none. We didn’t have all this sound transmission in the tower blocks. I never once heard a neighbour’s alarm clock or footsteps upstairs. Never. Here, it is noise all the time.

    Now we are infested with mice. We never had mice in the tower blocks. Now everyone has mice in the new houses.

    We pay throught the nose to live here. Our rents are up about £15 a week. We are all on water meters and we are paying more than before. Our council tax is higher. What for? These places are hell to live in.

    It doesn’t matter if you end up with a council or housing association landlord. I am council and I am paying a lot more. Sold down the river.

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