Start of a new week: same as the old one

Just in case anyone hasn’t seen the comment, intrepid young cub reporter Ben Patio has managed to sneak some shots of the latest version of the Grove Lane development plans. It seems they’ve addressed the criticism that some of the buildings were too tall, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue of the Camberwell Quarterly for the local opinion.

On a slightly related note, we’re almost at 150 photos in the Camberwell SE5 pool, please take a look around and add some more if you wish. There are even noises being made about a Camberwell Flickr meetup, which I may hijack to make it a blog readers meetup also. We could all go and have fried bread at the Jungle Cafe.

I didn’t see much of Camberwell this weekend as I was out and about; time for some reader input. Did anybody go out locally for a drink or some food and want to share it with us? Perhaps you took part in the Open House event? Or you looked into the new restaurant in the former Bee’s Auto Parts shop and can tell us what’s going on? Come on, help me out here.

Author: Peter

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6 thoughts on “Start of a new week: same as the old one”

  1. Young? Ha!

    Not wanting to put ideas into anyone’s minds but if you reckon that the last thing the site needs is weak faux-Georgian nonsense, you may want to write to Southwark fairly sharpish — the public consultation ends soon.

  2. Bee Auto Bits will be a “fish restaurant”. Fish and chips as well as fish “grilled on the bone”. Apparently.

  3. d’you think they’ll do mushy peas properly? And heaven forbid, as an ex pat Bolton boy, steak pudding (i KNOW that’s not fish, but am having chippy fantasies) there’s at least 3 ex bolton chaps in the area that would kill fur a puddn’

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