Jesus Rock

The former Rock‑8 Tapas Bar is to reopen as a new bar/restaurant called Buddha Jazz. Is this set to steal the title of Most Absurd Name, or will that remain in the hands of mens clothing shop Italians Opinion?

Author: Peter

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  1. They’re taking ages to do whatever it is they are doing to that place. On a related note, does anyone know what is happening to the shop/house next door to Cornners (sic)?

  2. I think the name is no more ridiculous than the Rock 8 name was. Maybe it will be a decent place. Be optimistic. Its better something opens rather than having an empty shop.

  3. The shop/house is being turned into a house, but very slowly — shame to use another potential shop though. Buddha Jazz is coming along very slowly — surely they’ve got to open before Christmas!

  4. Went into Buddha Jazz the other day, and the food in there was very tasty. Had the forever tasty Crispy Aromatic Duck with pancakes (YUM!), and those Dragon Prawn Crackers! WOW! (you have to see it to believe it!)…
    The vietnamese white iced coffee is really nice!…and there’s a cool lounge place.
    Will be back there very soon.

  5. Checked out Buddha Jazz this evening. Much better than the name and the long wait suggested: Food was excellent and reasonably priced too. Jazz-lite singing in the background is ok too but could be improved. Friendly people. We’ll be back soon.

  6. I too went to Buddha Jazz this weekend. Had a meal entirely of the dim sum on the first page of the menu. All absoultely fantastic — the eel with chili particularly recomended. Maybe lacking a bit in atmosphere tho.

  7. Went to Buddha Jazz on a lonely Sunday last. We were the only punters there and the place lacked a little atmosphere. It’ll pick up.

    Food great! The prawn and lotus-stem salad was just fantastic. Mostly Vietnamese menu with all the flavour that implies, but with some Viet/Thai style curry dishes. I’m going back.


  8. going there tonight hope not to be disappointed.… one of those style over substance exteriors and names

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