Making a Song and Dance

The English Folk Dance and Song Society won the People’s Millions vote. (A)pathetic.

A reader is requesting information on the White Lady of Camberwell:

Hi. I have been trying to find more information about the White Lady of Camberwell Green. I am doing a design project in south London and am trying to find all distinct people and landmarks of the region. I welcome any information as to when was the last time anybody saw her. Please do get in touch Thanks!

If anyone can help, leave a comment here and I’ll pass it on.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

4 thoughts on “Making a Song and Dance”

  1. Boo! That’s rubbish, i voted for the leisure centre.

    On a different note i went to teh Flying Fish, camberwells newsest chippie, yesterday — not as good as the Sea Cow in E Dulwich but still good and nice to have a decent fish and chip shop in the area.

  2. Hi, my name is Tiff I own Namaste next door to Marina house and a short walk away from the Maudsley, due to the position there never seems to be a dull moment (or character) around! We have been there for two years, and people have spoken to me about the white lady, but I have never seen her, and the general opinion is that she is no longer around, her story sounds a sad one and perhaps all the attention got a bit much for her.… Good luck with your project

  3. Dear Tiffany.. Thanks so much for your response… I only checked the blog now after 2 months!… would you be able to let me know anything about the white lady’s story? why is it a sad one? Any information would be fab…do get in touch whenever you can! Many thanks!

  4. WELL…im from the elephant and castle area…and even thought she was around alot when i was younger,i only had the chance to see her once!oh OH MY!it was late at night on the walworth road,when i was at the bus stop with my mum,she just came round the corner,and i got the shock of MY LIFE!very scary..!lol.…im still living in the same area but havent heard much about her in yearsss so im presumin..that mayb shes stopped paintin her self or sumthin.…from wat i know(prob urban legends)here are the stories!
    1‑she was raped in kennington park by a black man,so now paints her self to scare people away.

    2‑One day she woke up and saw everythin black,so painited her house and self white

    3‑Her fiance left her for a white woman,so she paints herself to get him back

    4‑she wants to be a witch and does voodo

    AND im sure there use to be one about her daughter gettin taken away or she died in a fire or sumthin?mayb truth within these?or just urban myths.…

    and im not 100%sure…but i think her names Mary

    i know this is prob sooo late..but good luck:)

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