Talking (Time) Out of their arses?

Has anyone seen the latest edition of Time Out in which Camberwell is named as ‘a bit shit’? Can anyone explain exactly what their beef is? Or why the 345 bus is slated (I’ve always found it very useful to get from Camberwell to Brixton, myself)?

Is this the work of Michael Hodges, resident journalist, as Hannah suggests?

Does anyone still read Time Out?

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

7 thoughts on “Talking (Time) Out of their arses?”

  1. Let’s face it, Camberwell IS a bit shit. But as soon as it’s not shit any more, we’ll have 15 Starbucks and an Oliver Bone Arse. So I think we all like it a bit shit.

    The 345: it usefully joins some otherwise unconnected dots, but by the christ does it take a long time. I only use it if I’m in slow mode.

  2. I guess it all depends on your definition of ‘shit’; mine includes the abovementioned chain of identikit coffee-shops, so in that case I’m happy to agree with your point, Ben.

  3. Let them have their say. As Ben says, far preferable to have Camberwell in its current incarnation of down at heels charm and slightly scruffy wierdness than for it to be another outpost of plastic corporate London. And personally, I always look forward to a trip on the 345 with relish.

    So there.

  4. I nearly spat my Starbucks out when I read that. As I work in an office with a couple of other people who’ve lived in Camberwell at various times, we concluded there must be a Time Out staffer with a grudge. Camberwell is a bit shit, but then pretty much every part of London has shitty bits in it. Camberwell is unique in many great ways, just walking around it you can sense it, so much better than all the non-descript tracts of London which are, uh-hum, North of the river??

  5. Indeed the article managed to bitch about many different parts of London.

    I thought it was good that Camberwell actually got a mention — all press is good press!

    Bit sh*t of the report to just Camberwell though without giving any particular reason…

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