Press Round-Up

Camberwell in the news…

Southwark Council are still defending themselves over the Imperial Gardens fiasco.

A piece on Eddie Richardson, the Camberwell-born rival to the Krays in the ’60s. Only hurt his own, loved his old mum, etc.

Five years after Damilola Taylor’s murder, has anything changed?

Also, there’s a bunch of new members (and photos) in the Camberwell SE5 pool.

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3 thoughts on “Press Round-Up”

  1. The article on Damilola from the independent is subscription only — if anyone has an account with the independent, could you paste into a comment on here so i could read it? (without paying :-))

    Interesting to read about the North Peckham estate as this has been completely redesigned and has been winning awards for its new design. This is one area where the proposed tram will go through completing its redevelopment.

  2. Damn Independent and their old-web funding model. One day they’re going to realise it’s anti-web.

    Anyway, I stumped up a quid (grudgingly) and the article is here:

    Peckham five years after Damilola; has anything changed?

    Next time I’m taking their content before it goes behind the wall.

  3. Thanks. An interesting read. Scary to hear how bad this area still is, and indeed how bad East Peckham is.

    Sad sign of the times when people are quite happy to pull a gun on you for 50p…

    Some positive comments about the rejuvenation of Peckham though which I believe is just beginning.

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