Curry News: What was Zara’s Kitchen is under new management and has been renamed The British Raj, complete with garish red, white and (mostly) blue signage. I was just getting round to trying the often-recommended Zara’s; now I think I’ll stick to Safa.

On the subject of food, I went out for dinner at the España Tapas Bar again last night. I know, I can’t get enough of it. For me, it’s the best food in the area. The tomatoes taste like what tomatoes used to taste like before they became homogenised and mass-produced. My wife is hooked on the rabbit pinchons.

Moving on… looks like work has begun on the former Blake House; the windows and doors have had metal shutters bolted over them.

Has anyone tried the new fish restaurant yet?

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8 thoughts on “Sustenance”

  1. I agree with you on the Espana situation. My only concern is the menu seems a bit limited for a Tapas bar, but maybe that is due to visiting it too often! Good wines too. Excellent service — maybe the best service of a restaurant in Camberwell?

    Blake house — Hurray! About time too, being such a grand building it is ideal for a pub.

    On a different topic — anyone heard any more about the St George proposals for the NCH building?

  2. Forgot to mention the wine. Try the Sangre de Toro, it’s excellent. And yes, the service is always attentive and friendly. It deserves to be more popular.

  3. I went to ‘The Flying Fish’ on its opening night, and was pretty excited about it too.. This area needs a dedicated chippy.

    Gotta be said, was slightly disapointed. I got cod and chips for £5, and while the chips were pretty good, the batter:fish ratio just wasn’t working out for me.. slightly too greasy to be honest.

  4. Ben, where did you hear that? I went into Wordsworth today and it seemed business as usual, no ‘closing down’ notices anywhere. I didn’t want to ask in case the staff didn’t know anything yet…

  5. One of the staff told my wife the other day. Closing after xmas, apparently. The guy said that business has been hit by the never-ending renovation works in the mall. Like I said — a disaster.

    Not sure if its a decision that could be reversed by a surge of support?

  6. I have to slightly disagree Eyechild. I’ve had a couple of meals from the Flying Fish and found it to be of very good quality. Perhaps it’s because I like thinner fillets for deep fried fish, the big chunks you often get from pubs I often find too watery in the middle. The place from the flying fish is good. I’ve also had the grilled salmon which was fresh and tasty. The chips are what you’d expect from a nice chip shop — no trace of over used oil.

  7. Fair dos.. I think my ‘platonic ideal’ of what battered fish should be like is just with a very thin layer of fluffy batter.. Haven’t tried anything other than the cod there though, and the chips were good.

    Er, right. Nuff talk about fish.

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