Eating and drinking and sleeping and working

Let me start with a couple of apologies. First, sorry if this post seems rushed; I wrote a lot more earlier but a powercut took it all away. Astonishing and beautiful words, lost forever. Second, sorry for the lack of update recently; I’m trying to balance my traditional January hibernation with a number of different web projects, so I end up not going out (except for my trips to the Cadeleigh Arms to watch the football) and, thus, losing touch with what’s going on.

I did make it out on Sunday night; the wife and I, too lazy to cook, took a trip to The Grove/BRB for pizza and wine. They have a sale on at the moment, so all pizzas are £5 and all bottles of wine £10. Somehow, two pizzas and two bottles of wine came to £34, although I only realised the discrepancy when I was halfway home. Curses.

While out I noticed that the España Tapas Bar was closed. I hope this is just a Sunday-night closure, because it’s our favourite food in Camberwell and closure would be a tragedy. Can anybody help me out by telling me it’s still open on other nights of the week? I’m fairly sure it was open last weekend.

Apparently ‘dozens’ of people turned out to support the Camberwell Tube Station campaign last Tuesday. I don’t think a tube station is the answer, and I don’t believe Camberwell will ever see it. Maybe an alternative would be trams? There used to be trams in the streets, and Peckham is set to get them, so why not Camberwell? A line to Elephant & Castle or Oval and an increase in trains through Denmark Hill… cheaper and better, right?

One of the web projects I mentioned in the first paragraph is to help out with the nascent SE5Forum — how to get people more involved, and tie it in to existing Camberwell projects (such as this blog and it’s associated wiki (which nobody uses). Could anyone who has a few minutes spare take a look at and let me know what you think of it; for example, what you expect it to do and what it actually does?

Plenty of activity inside Buddha Jazz, but still no sign of it opening. I hope they hurry up and give me an excuse to review it.

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  1. I saw the guys frantically working at Buda Jazz the other day and asked them when it was gong to open. they reckoned end of Feb. They are doing all the work themselves and are very enthusiastic about it. Sorry dont know anything about the España Tapas Bar.

  2. Panic ye not. Espana is alive and well and was rather busy in there last night when I walked past.

    A new Ethiopian restaurant (yum!) has opened up (just off the beaten track) on corner of Wyndham road and Camberwell road. Yet to try this out but always good to have another culinary option in the area.

  3. A tube may take years but that is no reason for campaigners not to continue the battle for better transport services, as well as a tube.

    You may not be aware but Camberwell Councillors have been trying to persuade the Council to develop a integrated transport plan for Camberwell for the last four years.

    Indeed, Labour Cllr John Friary (Camberwell Green Ward) produced a transport needs report in 2003 which echos what you say, and it reflected our sentiments that Camberwell’s transport needs feature low on the the Council’s list of priorities. If transport needs did feature high, then there would be no need to by-pass the Council and present our case direct to the Mayor of London.

    Unfortunately our Motion calling Southwark Council to lobby for a Camberwell tube station was scuppered by party political antics at the last Full Council Assembly.

    However, history leads us to believe that a community wide campaign cannot be ignored. For instance, when I was elected in 2002 I found it unacceptable that every other area had a fully operational Police station except crime ridden Camberwell. We campaigned with residents from 2001–2005 until the front desk was re-opened.

    In addition the community campaign supported by local Councillors to bring street drinking under control has so far been successful. This took from 2003–2006.

    This is reflected in our recent Motion requesting the Council to make Camberwell a Street Drinking Control area giving the Police powers to confiscate alcohol off the minority of persistent street drinkers who cause trouble and put people off shopping or visiting our parks. Evidence shows us that those people with alcohol abuse/dependency problems live in temporary accomodation outside Southwark but they come to Camberwell for treatment from our different health services. To avoid displacement, the Police will refer them to services nearest to where they live supported by outreach workers. This will help bring our streets and parks back to public use again without fear of those “hardcore street drinkers” causing a nuisance.

    Also, you may have noticed that the ugly blue “Car Wash” advertisement hoarding overshowing camberwell new road that i reported to the Council Officers has now been removed.We continue to press the Council over the illegal hoarding advertisement boards around the Green. I cannot comment to much online because of the legality surrounding the matter.

    On issues of concern to Camberwell which you feel the Council can, or ought to deal with, then please email, or write to us at the Town Hall. We are here to help.

    Finally, I love your blog. Been reading it ever since you set it up but did not intervene in discussions for obvious reasons. I probably even know you?


    Labour Councillor Alison Moise
    Brunswick Park Ward
    LB Southwark

  4. I’ve read two things recently: 1) Approval is either pending or complete to re-open a Camberwell train station where the old one was (closed in 1916 or something?) Basically on Station Road where the bus depot is. It would be an alternative route from E&Castle then on to Loughborough Jct as part of Thameslink. 2) Permission and plans for Elephant tube DO include preliminary work to make it easy to extend the Bakerloo line (to Camberwell and beyond) should it ever be approved. Anyone else hear these?

  5. Quote from Councillor Moises. “You may not be aware but Camberwell Councillors have been trying to persuade the Council to develop a integrated transport plan for Camberwell for the last four years”

    Perhaps Councillor Moises would have more success if this was a joint campaign with Lambeth Council and the Lambeth Councillors in Camberwell (2 wards at least). It is precisely because Camberwell is within 2 boroughs that it gets overlooked, as any statistics used to support a campaign tend to only be half the story.

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