A little bit more of Camberwell online

Finally, an image of Camberwell at the head of the page — and it’s only taken me 18 months to do it! There’s no prize involved, but can you guess where the shot was taken? No peeking at the filename, now…

Thanks to reader Mark B for putting some effort into the Wiki today; thanks to him, there’s a lot more content in the Food & Drink section. Now, why can’t the rest of you follow his example? It’s easy to edit a page, and I’m more than willing to give support if you’re still not sure. I’ve changed the homepage to make the instructions a little clearer (although I really must get round to writing more).

To try to keep on top of what’s happening in Camberwell (no snide remarks, please) I subscribe to Google Alerts, who send me an email every time our town is mentioned in the news. Usually it’s about crime and death, thanks to the Court and the Hospital, but today there’s a story about Green Party politician, London Assembly member and Camberwell resident, Jenny Jones, who could enter the House of Lords. Ms Jones says she won’t become Baroness Jones of Camberwell as she doesn’t want to put on any airs and graces, and will lobby for the dissolution of the House. I get the feeling she won’t get elected.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

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    * This offer is not valid.

  2. *Eyechild, you can have a bottle of wine of your choice — up to twenty quid value on the Sun and Doves — no beer because that costs us too much and Scottish & Newcastle get the profit.

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