What happened this weekend?

Councillor Alison Moises responds to the tube/transport issue and a few other local issues (and says she loves this blog).

Camberwell makes the pages of The Times with a story about a dodgy landlady (does anybody recognise the property in question?).

One of my readers wins a bottle of wine and has so far shown no indication that he’s going to share it with me. I started this blog with the hope of eating and drinking for free across SE5 in exchange for a few positive words and shameless plugs; instead I have to sit back and watch as my readers get rich off of my hard work. Where’s the justice? Come on, New Dewaniam, time to make me an offer. Look: the wife and I each got a free glass of champagne on Saturday from The Garrison on Bermondsey Street, SE1, where the food was excellent and the service flawless. I can highly recommend it for a night out. You see how easy it is?

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

9 thoughts on “What happened this weekend?”

  1. How funny — I too was in the Garrison on Saturday. The food there is very good indeed — I particularly recommend the rabbit stew.

  2. I tried to hire a remarkably charming guy called Giles (that’s not confusing is it?) who worked at the Garrison two years ago. He was off to do greater things in Exeter so he couldn’t accept my offer. Why am I saying this? Perhaps I feel that closer the river, the better the credibility. I dunno… Actually on all of that, it’s simply not fair that Peter should sufer for his generosity in not honouring a prize when he offered one up to the masses of people who participate in the world of his blog (although the spirit of the initial intent was entirely light hearted and funny) I shoould remark that YOUR scarf, Peter, is held safely in woolly bond at the office above the bar of the Sun and Doves, awaiting retrieval. It will only be given up upon presentation of you and wife at the bar requesting the prize giver’s runner up prize of another bottle, under twenty quid of course to be fair, on the same terms outlined above. This is because our manor needs more input from people and you’re stting a great example to others. As am I of course. My reward lies elsewhere I assume.

  3. So what have we learned from this? Make offers you can’t possibly fulfil, then whine when somebody else performs an act of generosity on your behalf. If you all follow my example, you can’t fail.

  4. correct Peter. Incidentally the flat of the poor recently evicted is on Denmark Road at the Junction with Camberwell Station Road, in a building called ‘Myatt’s View, presumably relating to the lovely Myatt’s field Park which is a hidden Camberwell Gem — and yes — also hidden from the block so romantically named by an idiot developer and a substantial railway line.

  5. I remember this one — i live in a flat in Myatts View (Mark B is right it’s stupid name invented by the developers — the residents call it by it’s proper name — 94 Denmark Road!) — there had been problems with that flat before the eviction — ie the same person not paying their share of the service charges so the rest of the residents ended up having to pay more to cover the water rates and other charges etc.. I think it was a case of someone taking on a buy to let mortgage that they couldn’t afford to keep up with, i think like many new builds in places like camberwell the developers marketed this block at the buy to let market — nothing wrong with that i’m a tenant myself, but i think too many amateur landlords are encouraged by property programmes and mortgage lenders to take on properties they can’t really afford and the tenants (and often their neighbours) end up suffering, incidentally i was interested to see that they were paying more per month for a two bedroom flat than me and my flatmates are paying for a much larger 3 bedroom place in the same block!

  6. With all this free booze flying around, it sounds like an ideal time for a meet-up. Who fancies a Sunday afternoon at the S&D?

  7. One Sunday afternoon is a good idea. Incidentally I completely agree with Peter on the three day week even wivvout the million quid.

    Incidentally the Once Head of Southwark Environment and Leisure, a small but perfectly formed American who moved on to bigger things with GLA, Fred Manson he’s called, finally remembered his name while describing him, told me seven years ago that a tube for Camberwell would be around thirty years away. I reckoned it might be less than that if we could get a lot of locally opinion together and make a case for it — feasibilty studies, all the research has been done in the past and shown there’s a viable demand and market for such an extension south east. However there has never been any political will because Camberwell’s real name is Cinderella and the Ugly Sisters around get all the attention.

    If Fred was right then (and who’s to argue with a man who’s got a Town Planning qualification from Harvard?) the tube should be here within twenty two years. Still not good enough Nick Stanton.

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