Booze, bars and Guerilla Gardeners

A couple of things from the newspapers:

First, the scheme to cut down on street drinking in Camberwell seems to have been a success. Drinking related problems were down to 9 from 45 the previous year, and the number of  drinkers was 26, down from 150. Hopefully this is not just a temporary drop and the good work will continue.

Second, a brief mention in this article about ‘Guerilla Gardeners’, people who tidy up municipal places after dark. The featured Gardener, Richard Reynolds, has done some work on Camberwell Green. Not sure I agree with the description of it as an ‘urban wasteland’, mind you.

By the way, looks like Buddha Jazz is open. I passed there tonight and there were people inside, although it looked like a launch party or something. The place looks very nice, and I look forward to trying it out soon.

Author: Peter

Long-time resident of Camberwell, author of this blog since July 2004.

11 thoughts on “Booze, bars and Guerilla Gardeners”

  1. Apparently Blake House is going to be another in the chain of the Black Sheep Bar on Camberwell New Road towards the Oval.

  2. I actually saw some slightly peeved looking dude getting ‘busted’ by two of those Community Wardens in embarassing scarlet uniforms. He’d been swigging a bottle of bud in the street and by the size of him I’m slightly suprised he didn’t laugh in their faces and carry on walking..

  3. It appears Grosvenor Steak House is to be reborn as Cristallo — Home of Exclusive Design Wear. A competitor for Italian’s Opinion, perhaps.

  4. Don’t tell me the grovesnor finally closed. Good Lord, the place was always packed, why on earth would it close 😉

  5. I am concerned about the Hermits Cave. What will happen when the smoking ban comes in? Most of the regulars are preserved by smoke, like kippers. They are now at risk, like the bookshop in Butterfly Walk. This has been going on for years. For instance, the Father Redcap used to be a unique haunt for all manner of individuals, not just gay men. Now it’s a processing centre for young consumers. Camberwell is becoming sanitised. It’s insane.

  6. I’m sorry, I made a mistake. It is Italian’s Opinion which is to be reborn as Cristallo. The Grosvenor is to be “Lip Smacking African Cuisine … An Unforgettable Experience”.

  7. Are you sure? I thought you were right the first time, and that it’s the former ‘4 Real We’re D Bess’ that was going to be the ‘Lip Smacking African Cuisine?’

  8. Peter, I’ve just checked. Italian’s Opinion has definitely closed, and Cristallo has replaced it, but it’s not open yet. It has a black roller blind pulled down in front. Grosvenor is to be Lip Smacking African Cuisine — it has a purple roller blind pulled down in front. (They look very similar, which is why I made the mistake in the first place.) As to the place which used to be 4 Real … (and in an earlier incarnation was called Calabar Kitchen) it’s looking rather neglected, though there was a light on inside when I passed just now.

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