Unsteady Eddie’s

If I ever get hold of whoever told me that Rock Steady Eddie’s does a good breakfast, there’ll be trouble. It’s dirty, there were full ashtrays on the tables and the food was overcooked. Apologies for being negative, but I felt nauseous by the time I left. Never again.

Apologies also for lack of activity here, but I’m super-busy with work and personal projects. Please keep leaving your great comments.

Author: Peter

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10 thoughts on “Unsteady Eddie’s”

  1. I would avoid the place like the plague. Back in the late 80’s I used to rent the flat above until the cafe opened and he became our new landlord. He was keen to get rid us by Rachmanian methods. One of his tricks was to leave human excrement on the stairs. Suffice to say he ended up with a suspended prison sentence for his antics.

  2. Doesn’t sound like he’ll take too kindly to a bad review then…

    I’ve been to the Jungle Cafe on Camberwell Church St for the odd fry-up and it’s OK.

  3. Went to Sun and Doves yesterday lunch time for the first time in years (literally). Arrived about 2 pm thinking we would miss the lunchtime rush but no so we were eated in the bar area where we were served by extreemly indolent waiter (who was noticeably hungover). My friend commented that her glass was dirty, the waiter just looked blankly at her — in a what-do-you-expect-me-to-do-about-it way. The food we had ordered at 2:15 turned up an hour later at 3:15. Saying that the food was good when it arrived. A bit disappointing after all the good things I had read about the S&D.

  4. How ironic. I was posting the above while Lotty was posting hers. Sorry Lotty. It’s being looked into. I’ll get back to you when I know more.

    The breakfast is good though, honest.

  5. Great idea! I reckon Camberwell could do with that kind of venue — has anyone been to Komedia in brighton — something like that would be great — i think that uses an old Tescos store — and they got their funding form the arts council and a loan from an ethical bank in Holland.

  6. Just trying something out here I hope you don’t mind: does this make a link to flickr here as well?

    Lotty, We’re having a staff meeting on 6 March triggered by your experience… will keep you posted. Come in for a drink on the house and ask for me, Nicky, James or Leon.

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