COB/CSE5FG: We really need a better name

Many thanks to everybody who came along yesterday to the inaugural CamberwellOnline Blog/ Camberwell SE5 Flickr Group meetup at the Sun & Doves. It was very interesting putting faces to names (and real names to screen names) and a lot of fun talking to everyone. Apologies to anyone I didn’t get the chance to exchange more than a few words with, next time I’ll move around the table more — or we can switch chairs at random intervals.

We did end up discussing a few ‘business’ matters, including the planned show at the S&D. I’ll write that over at the Flickr Group forum. This as good as the minutes are going to get.

Thanks to Mark at the S&D for reserving the table and making the nice sign, thanks to Ade for being the only one to remember a camera, thanks to Ben Patio for providing the initial impetus, and thanks to Guiness & Co. for making the semi-official group beer.

There will be another meet-up in the near future, hope everyone will be able to make it along again — even if they live in Clapham now.

On the way home I finally had the chance to try out the Flying Fish on Camberwell Church Street. Very nice chips, and the haddock was pretty good too; not too greasy. If you want fish & chips, I can recommend it. The best I’ve tried in Camberwell, although only the second place I’ve tried in Camberwell.

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  1. It was good to meet everyone — you’re all a very nice bunch. A quick non Camberwell related request of everyone. For work related reasons i’m surveying attitudes to going out at night amongst 18 — 35 years olds — if you are in this age group it would be great if you could take a couple of minutes to fill in the survey here:


  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it in the end. I had forgotten a Sunday lunch and double booked. But will be around for the next one for sure.

  3. Hi
    This is less a comment on the blog (which I’ve enjoyed), but more about Camberwell SE5.

    I’m a freelance writer working on Camberwell Renewal — the free newsletter that is distributed to every householder in Camberwell. Talking to Mark Dodds (Sun & Doves) yesterday he told me about SE5 group.

    I’d like to get in touch with someone from the group to see if the Group would be okay for us to publish a couple of the images in the newsletter, along with a short write up.

    I’d like to get it into the Spring 2006 issue, going out in mid March. The copy deadline is upon us… could you help me and put me in touch with the group?

    Best wishes

    John (020 7720 3431)

  4. Meant to say (probably did this am somewhere else here) what a nice afternoon Sunday was, thanks to you all for turning up. We’ll get round to the exhibition in time… keep putting ideas out.

    RE John Isitt he’s Kosher. Although saying that rather worries me what with developments further afield than Camberwell.

  5. John if you set up a flickr account ( you can view all the SE5 group photos and providing the owner has enabled it, you can download the images straight from there.

  6. Re:Camberwell Renewal — anyone know how long this magazine has been going? — i’ve lived in Camberwell for nearly two years and have never heard of it or recevied a copy. Then again we don’t receive a lot of things like this — maybe something to do with our road being half in Lambeth and half in Southwark perhaps?

  7. Thanks will take a look — still annoyed we don’t get it delivered ‑i think it illustrates well a point Mark has made about Camberwell sometimes getting a bad deal becuase it is on the edge of 2 different boroughs. On a separate point has anyone else seen those stickers that are appearing on bus stops around Camberwell and the Walworth road saying that Oyster is a tracking system? Which is slightly hilarious paranoia — i can’t imagine TfL (or any other shadowy government body) being that interested in my daily journeys between Camberwell Green and Aldwych! I’m going to try and get a picture of one tomorrow!

  8. ok — clearly i’m not getting any work done today at all!! — but thought eveyone (particularly Peter!) would be interested in this one, Camberwells favourite artist strikes again!:

    ‘Last week they said that they were going to put a government health warning on the side of chocolate bars. Where will this madness stop, leave us alone to eat our chocolate, you don’t have to guilt trip us, just for a little treat. Well this Friday is a day of celebration and of everything that is good about chocolate, the Mars Bar, work, rest and play. Everyone is invited
    to the spectacle. Start Friday 10th February 2006, 4pm Fez’s Café, Peckham Road, SE5, opposite Camberwell College of Art. The four competitors/artists are to race against the clock and each other. They have 30 minutes to eat 15 regular sized Mars Bars. The winner is the one who eats their 15 Mars Bars first, or the
    one who ate the most within the 30 minutes. The winner gets a trophy and gets to keep any uneaten bars. The eating of 15 Mars Bars in 30 minutes is really difficult and should not be underestimated, the chocolate and caramel starts to congeal in and around the mouth, gums and teeth and can actually block the entrance to the gullet. As well as having an extremely high
    calorie count, the pressure on the heart created by the amount of sugar involved could be catastrophic. We should be allowed to eat
    chocolate. Competitors. Simon Ould, James Ford, Calum F Kerr,
    Mark McGowan.’

    - Mark McGowan

  9. Camberwellse5 Flickr S&D Exhibition:

    Just met with Anahita, our curator.

    To get the ball rolling, the date we’ve got for the Private View of OUR Camberwellse5 Flickr show is Monday 10 July. It’s the slot after Camberwell Arts Festival, which runs around last week June first week July.

    Work needs to be at S&D by Saturday 8th July 10am. The show will be for 4 weeks and come down on Saturday 5th August.

    How’s that for everyone? If OK We NEED:

    Title for show which can be a theme. It can be more than one theme. Or it can be open. The space is flexible and different types of work can be hung together without it getting weird.

    As I’ve said before, presentation is an issue — the show should be ‘tight’ to make it work well…

    As for selection I suggested on Sunday that individuals should select their own images. Peter suggested a unique tag on pics we want to go in for the show. How about ‘S&DshowJuly2006’ ?

    IF we get a large enough pool of images to choose from I think it would be good if there were a final selection made by Anahita — she’s got a good eye — on the proviso that it doesn’t become a one person show by mistake and remains a good representation of the flickr pool.

    Anahita has thoughts on presentation:

    All pics printed same size, mounted and framed the same. The photos on the Caldecot Road side of the bar are all A3 printed on Hahnemuhle cotton rag in archive quality inks in Ikea white ‘Ribba’, I think they are, frames. The frames also come in black and natural wood. Natural does nothing for photographs.

    If we all were to agree on this presentation costs will be modest – £35 per photograph exhibited. A maximum of 50 pics can be shown (got to check the space to be exact) and we will arrange printing and framing of all the work.

    The £35 covers costs of printing, frames and hanging, a pv invitation by email and a limited number of printed postal invites for each person.

    We need to agree on sale prices in advance, we would like all pics to be the same price. S&D charges 25% commission on sales.

    Photographs that don’t sell will be returned to the photographer – so you get your picture nicely presented for £35 to hang on your own wall or to give as a present to your best friend. This, although I feel slightly awkward about asking everyone to pay £35 per print, actually is a real bargain.

    I hope you agree? Thoughts please asap. And start that taggin now!


    Mark and Anahita

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