Sunday meet-up: it’s on

There seems to be a consensus that this Sunday would be best for a meet-up at the Sun & Doves. So far we have myself, my wife, Ben Patio, Eyechild (gotta love internet names), Richie and Hannah; Lisa has expressed worries that we will find out she is really a middle-aged man from Peckham.

So, assuming we don’t all get nervous and back out, shall we say 2pm? Or 3pm? So we miss the lunchtime rush and have more chance of a table (unless Mark D can sort something out for us), perhaps. I’m not sure how we’ll recognise each other; I’ll try to get there first, and this is what my wife and I look like. But maybe we should have some clear identifier as well; any ideas?

By the way, for those in the Flickr pool, there’s a request for help.

Update: 3pm on Sunday at the Sun & Doves. See you there.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday meet-up: it’s on”

  1. 3pm would be best for me although I can make sure a table’s kept free from 2pm. There will be a huge billboard on the table saying ‘RESERVED FOR FLICKR GROUP’

  2. 2pm it is. I may be alone and therefore on time, or with my family in which case I will inevitably be late.

  3. Gah! Social diary clash 🙁 Cant make it unless you are still there at 7pm… in which case you will probably be rather inebriated and slurring a lot anyway…

    Have a good afternoon, and I hope to make the next one!

  4. ok sounds like a good plan — i’ll see everyone at about 3pm then! For the record Lisa i’m definitely not a middle aged man from Peckham! — although i did live in Peckham for a couple of years — i’ve realised my entire life in London has consisted of moving a few miles further down the 36 bus route every few years. Anyway on to more Camberwell related stuff — a few months ago we discussed the imminent closure of Redstar — it now looks very like it has closed — anyone got any further news??

  5. the Redstar is still very much up and running. There’s a benefit for Bolivia there next Saturday.Various bands, djs and food.Poster in the S & D with full details

  6. The redstar ‘owner’ (true ownership of pubs is a questionable affair in most cases) asked a friend of mine if he’d take it off his hands — a couple of months ago. The sign of a place that’s ‘not washing its face’ as they say. he didn’t come to me because he assumed I couldn’t afford it — and he’s right

  7. Hmmm yes — i’d assumed it was closing down — it hasn’t looked in great shape for a long time, as a general rule i tend to think places that don’t repair broken windows or clean up their frontage after the previous night are in a lot of trouble.

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