Quiet Times

Wow… almost two weeks without posting. Sorry…

Sometimes when I don’t have much to say it’s worth checking out comments from older posts; quite often there’s new information in there from visitors which I don’t get the chance to bring to greater prominence. To make it easier, I’ve put the text from the five most recent comments over in the right panel, below the Flickr photos. You could always sign up to the comments RSS feed, of course (and if you don’t know what RSS is, see here).

Recent comments included the nuggets that the Dark Horse is almost complete, and there’s a new bar opening on Camberwell Church Street, an idea to extend Camberwell Green.

In other news, there’s an exhibition for young people called Hopes & Dreams this Saturday at the Synergy Centre (220 Farmers Road). It’s a photographic exhibition of local residents and their…well, their hopes and dreams for the area. It’s open to residents between 4 and 5pm — I’ll be there, if only to see the broodingly handsome young man who was photographed on Camberwell Green a few weeks ago.

Other than this, I’m sorry but I don’t have much to report. Refurbishment has finished at Denmark Hill station ticket office and I can’t see any change at all, except that it looks bigger because the storage unit has been moved out. Um… The Leopard Man of Peckham is now just the Man of Peckham. That’s it. Anyone care to help me out?

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One thought on “Quiet Times”

  1. Well, here’s something new — the African restaurant in the premises that used to be Grosvenors is now open, and its real name is not Lip-Smacking African Cuisine but 4‑t-4. (It’s at 44 Camberwell Church Street, geddit?) It seems to be well patronised.

    And Spring is here! — daffodils everywhere, trees bursting with blossom, territorial fights between blackbirds, and in our garden we had a little wren building a nest of dead leaves in between the branches of a cypress tree.

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